21st-century public transportation in Somogy County

To improve Somogy County bus transportation quality, T-Systems Hungary will install a GPS-based traffic management system and the related online passenger information system, for operation by Kapos Volán Zrt. This project was preceded by an open public procurement process for a total project value of HUF 908 million, and it is partly financed from European Union sources until the end of this year.

21st-century public transportation in Somogy CountyThe project involves installing a GPS-based passenger information system on Kapos Volán's 230-vehicle fleet and renewing existing on-board ticket sales. Front and side displays will be installed on the buses and an internal audio passenger information system will assist people with special needs. Thanks to GPS, real-time data will be available for Kapos Volán’s traffic management professionals so that the county local and intercity transportation fleet will have standard accurate and faster problem solving and management.

A new passenger information system will also be developed within complex public transportation management to five bus terminals (Kaposvár, Siófok, Nagyatád, Marcali, Barcs) and one stop (Kadarkút). Fifty starting terminus information charts plus a further two departures and arrivals summary electronic displays will be installed by T-Systems Hungary. A smart mobile application related to the system will help passengers follow certain lines on their own smart devices.

Public transportation development for customer experience improvement projects will enable customers to book tickets with reserved seats on Kapos Volán routes. The Somogy County transportation company is tailoring its regular traveler program to this project and the cards for this system will also be supplied by T-Systems Hungary.

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