300 Mbps mobile internet on the 4G network of Telekom

As the first company in Hungary, from today Telekom switched over to 300 Mbps in Nyíregyháza
In light of the first experiences, further developments are expected
Meanwhile, Telekom’s 4G mobile internet service reached the 97 percent population coverage planned for this year, and the number of users exceeded 800 thousand

300 Mbps mobile internet on the 4G network of TelekomFor the first time in Hungary, on December 3, 2015 the mobile internet service offering up to 300 Mbit/sec nominal download speed* became available on Telekom’s network in Nyíregyháza, the first station of the Digital Hungary programme. This is the fastest mobile Internet technology available in Hungary today. The technology enabling this transmission speed is LTE-Advanced, representing the next grade of 4G. The Telekom 4G mobile internet service is currently available to 97 percent of the population in Hungary. Telekom announced exactly one year ago that the company started to test the technology of up to 300 Mbps at several Budapest locations, and today the lightning fast mobile internet service was launched in Nyíregyháza. Customers using the LTE-Advanced technology in areas covered by the service can experience up to twice the data speed offered so far, using appropriately enabled mobile devices and tariff packages.** Further network rollout is planned in line with customer experience and feedback gained in Nyíregyháza. The advantages offered by the LTE-Advanced technology are already available to Nyíregyháza residents holding of one the 15 types of smartphones from 6 manufacturers*** included in the Telekom portfolio, as well as using the service provider’s Next M and Next XL smartphone, or Net&Roll M and Net&Roll L mobile internet tariff packages as well as their Gold Partner Card versions. Christopher Mattheisen, Chief Executive Officer of Magyar Telekom said, „We are very pleased to have been the first company in Hungary switching on the 300 Mbps technology, jointly with our partner, Ericsson. We are especially glad that this progressive service is made firstly available at the first station of Digital Hungary, to the residents of Nyíregyháza. We are convinced that 4G mobile broadband – already available to almost 97 percent of the population of Hungary – and its next generation is one of the key factors of the digital development on infrastructure side both in Europe and in Hungary. Our goal is to promote and accelerate the introduction of new technologies and most sophisticated services in Hungary, contributing this way to implementing the objectives of Digital Hungary.” “In the frame of the Digital Hungary program, developments of unparalleled scale are implemented in the fields of digital community and economy, digital state as well as digital skills. Consequently, until 2020 the number of electronic public services will increase and with digital literacy becoming general, the individual life quality of citizens improves – while expanding the scope of digital economy will.

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