A new partner in the development of digital signature

Digital signatureT-Systems Hungary has entered into a cooperation agreement with Microsec Zrt. developing and providing electronic authentication and signature systems. In the future, the two companies will work together on the development of new services based on the PassBy[ME] solution of Microsec.

The patented PassBy[ME] solution is based on incorporating public key infrastructure (PKI) to mobile phones. Using this solution, users can identify themselves by using their mobile phone, then they can sign transactions initiated from his phone, or any other documents. With respect to their legal effect, these electronically signed documents may even qualify as fully conclusive private deeds.

Within the frame of the cooperation, T-Systems incorporates the PassBy[ME] mobile authentication and electronic signature solution to its existing services as well with further improvements. An important objective is to make the electronic signature even more user-friendly, and therefore even more broadly used.

The cooperation is timely, as the uniform European directive on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions, the eIDAS will enter into force as of July 1st 2016. The directive regulates the use of the electronic signature technology and the operation of the services based on it on community level, and establishes cooperation between the electronic identification systems of the member countries.


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