Bubi has been around for a year

Last July only volunteers could test the MOL Bubi bike sharing service but from this autumn it is available for the public, as a new community transportation option for the citizens of Budapest. The data communication of the bikes and the integration, operation of the special software solutions are provided by T-Systems Hungary.

Bubi has been around for a yearBased on the users’ experience the system is stable and it is more and more popular. More than 21 thousand people have used the service, mainly for short, downtown rides, as a supplementary transportation option. Most people purchased the 24 hours plan - for 500 HUF - but many others use Bubi, a as a form of green transportation, several times a week. The record was almost 6000 rents per day which is very high even in the European benchmark. In order to make more and more places accessible with Bubi the 91 docking stations and 1150 bikes will be expanded with 7 new stations and 50 new bicycles until the end of September.

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