Corporate IT moved on mobile platform

  • The basic device of corporate communication is the mobile telephone
  • Ever more corporate applications are also available on mobile platforms and the convergence of mobile and IT systems is expected to accelerate
  • Under the name of First Class, T-Systems Hungary offers a new, premium integrated package to its customers, which unifies the company’s infocommunication and the mobile communication services of Magyar Telekom

FirstClass_Samsung_Slider_252x142_ENG.jpg Following emails, corporate management systems and especially the generated reports, as well as applications assisting the work of the sales force and those working in the field may be moved to mobile platforms the earliest – revealed the research of BellResearch carried out among customers of T-Systems Hungary. In case of large corporate users mobile telephone is already the most important tool of communication within the company, but there are still huge potentials in integrating mobile and IT systems.

The research revealed that mobile phones became the basic tools of email systems by now, in case of most companies the company mailbox is easily accessible from smartphones, often offering all the data. However, there is no sufficient attention paid to the related data security. Usually data protection is at higher level with companies also running other corporate applications on mobile, further to the company email system – although this solution did not really gain ground so far. Mostly trading companies use corporate mobile applications, mainly solutions supporting the work of their sales force, but there are also examples for mobile applications connected to corporate management systems, assisting the work of field engineers and mechanics. The latter makes the work of managers easier because reports can also be accessed from mobile phones.

Smartphones and mobile internet are widely used by managers, however in only a tiny minority of Hungarian companies do all employees have company mobile phones with corporate internet subscription. For the time being, companies most often only provide internet access also abroad to their top managers.

According to the survey, companies in most cases identified the basic infocommunication solutions most appropriate for them, although due to the increasingly intense network usage a higher bandwidth and or course lower price would be welcome by everyone. In line with the development of the companies, every enterprise plans minor or major capital expenditures, while many would welcome a simply priced package that would offer all mobile connected services simultaneously.

Based on these requirements, T-Systems Hungary created the First Class integrated package, uniting the companies’ infocommunication and the mobile communication services of Magyar Telekom. Due to its premium nature, the main target group of the First Class package is composed leaders and decision makers of the large company customers of T-Systems, as the package offers unique services that can make their work more flexible and efficient. As part of the package the subscriber receives unlimited voice communication within Hungary and the EU – even up to unlimited mobile internet usage in Hungary and – even – up to 12 GB bundled internet roaming within the EU. Customers subscribing for this package will be installed the Mobile Iron telephone and data security solution, enabling not only the closing and GPS positioning of the terminal in case of loosing it, but also the remote deletion of sensitive data.

First Class excels also in customer service, as subscribers to this package are given extra attention and premium service level, which also includes on-site assistance in case the mobile terminals become faulty.

First Class package holders are also entitled for consultation classes where experts of T-Systems provide IT and telecommunication assistance in emerging planning, optimization and decision processes. Furthermore, the service also offers favorably priced corporate applications, like for example the E-RECEPCIO customer registration platform or TSMaps, assisting orientation within buildings.


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