Could it be even smarter? - T-Systems Hungary announces a competition to design smart benches

Okos padT-Systems Hungary announced a competition for university and college students to enable street benches with smart features. The objective of the brainstorming competition is that T-Systems receives smart user ideas for Smartbench services, which can be produced in high volume and located at multiple sites (e.g. university, city) , building community level and personal relations.

Beside visualization, T-Systems also expects ideas of the students about the smart city services to be built into the benches, so that going beyond their usual function they could serve the comfort of city dwellers in a much more complex way, transforming from „benches into b@nches”. The best idea entered in the competition (Hungarian for „Smart B@nch”) will be implemented. Members of the winner team can join the Telekom- T-Systems trainee program and will also receive weekly passes for the 2017 COLT festival.In the course of evaluation the jury will consider the social use and contribution of the application, as well as what makes Okos P@D popular. Visual appearance, feasibility, high volume production, life span, sustainability (simple, low cost and environmentally friendly operation), as well as the uniqueness, novel nature and practical use of the application will all be important in the evaluation phase.

Functions offered by smart benches can be useful to city dwellers and tourists, displaying actual information, interactive map, timetables, built in wifi hotspot or chargers. The array of applications may be supplemented by entertaining elements, including photo snapshots, but incorporated monitoring cameras may also improve security. Ideas may be drawn from numerous foreign solutions, the smart benches in Boston for example provide location specific information about air quality or noise level in the nearest vicinity.

Applications will be judged by an expert jury, with members including:

  • Kobrizsa Ádám, founder of Mindspace,
  • Rab Árpád, researcher of the Digital Culture and Human Technology Knowledge Center of the Óbudai University,
  • Kaszás Zoltán, chief officer of T-Systems Hungary,
  • Csorba Endre, head of the Communication competence center and Converging communication competence centers of T-Systems Hungary,
  • Kiss Ferenc, program leader of T-Systems Hungary Digital City.

Application deadline: midnight of November 11, 2016

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