Deutsche Telekom accelerates the development of European Smart City

The Smart City concept related activities are steered by the European Smart City Solutions Center operated from Hungary
Wifi4EU – attractive WiFi solution to the EU supported Smart City initiative
Mayor’s Dashboard provides easy access and options for Smart City solutions through real-time data monitoring

Deutsche Telekom established the Budapest-based European Smart Solutions Center (ESC) to accelerate the development of smart cities in Europe. The goal of the ESC is to coordinate the expertise and activities related to Deutsche Telekom’s smart city concept, to support the go-to-market activities and to make the smart city solutions available to all European municipalities. ESC provides central functions such as marketing, partner cooperation support, pre- and post-sale process steering. It also tightly cooperates with the local smart city sales and implementation experts. The center also has unrivalled expertise at consultancy activities on the utilisation of EU urban development funds provided for the cities.

Work teams within the DT Group make sure to turn the key solutions and platforms into products and expand the range of the currently available smart city solutions. One of the key activities of the work team currently is the development of the NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) smart city solution and implementation as the NB-IoT technology may offer ideal solution to many applications.

“Deutsche Telekom’s objective is to become the smart city provider of choice in Europe, and be a reliable and long-term partner to any city wanting to pursue digital transformation” - said Ralf Nejedl, Vice President Deutsche Telekom Europe B2B. “Through the establishment of the European Smart Solutions Center we continue the development of innovative solutions so the cities can prepare for the challenges of the future and improve the quality of life of their citizens.”

WiFi4EU – free WiFi access in public areas
The European Committee - in accordance with the Digital Single Market strategy - set up a budget of EUR 120 million to enable free and mobile internet access in the public areas of Europe, e.g. parks, squares, public buildings such as libraries, health centers and museums. With the years of experience gained in the public sector, Deutsche Telekom provides support to cities intending to take part in the initiative and wishing to benefit from the targeted financial support. In cooperation with Cisco, Deutsche Telekom has developed a package for the cities that can help them implement their own customised, secure and user friendly WiFi4EU solution. The cities may adjust the application to their own needs, thus offering further benefits to their citizens and visitors, e.g. free use of existing city applications or information about city events and e-services. Also, the city administration may receive so called crowd monitoring information real-time and retroactively to be able to further improve the quality of city services. The WiFi4EU system will be constructed in a geographically balanced manner so the high-speed data connection can serve the comfort of the residents and visitors of the local communities in the whole EU. By 2020 6-8 thousand settlements are planned to be covered by the system. The first project tenders are scheduled to be issued around the end 2017 or early 2018.

Smart City Dashboard offers simple structure and easy handling   As an additional smart city project, Deutsche Telekom offers the Mayor’s Dashboard application to all city administrations. The web-based dashboard enables the city administration to monitor, operate and optimise the infrastructure of the city. With the solution the applications may be easily operated from any device: smart phone, tablet, large-screen device. The solution may be fully customised and provides real-time data monitoring. The available data may also be sorted, saved and visually displayed. The dashboard solution is very intuitive and may easily be made available to handle further smart city solutions in the future.

Deutsche Telekom at the Smart City World Congress Over 17 000 visitors are expected to attend this year’s Smart City World Congress in Barcelona. Deutsche Telekom (Hall P2, Street A, Stand 127) presents many Smart City solutions and real data gained from already implemented projects, including the Smart Transport solutions - Smart Parking, Smart Electric Vehicle Charging, public transportation, traffic and passenger management systems - and Smart Waste Management, Smart Lighting, Smart Metering as well as the Smart Public Safety solutions. It will also showcase the NarrowBand IoT-based narrowband and the Smart City Dashboard and WiFi4EU solutions. For further information on Deutsche Telekom’s Smart City concept of the future, see the recently published white paper ‘Smart Solutions for Sustainable Cities’.