FutureSpace: T-Systems Magyarország introduces its latest innovations to students

T-Systems Magyarország launched a series of events for students called JövőTér; the locations are universities mainly of technical and information technology orientation in Budapest and other cities. During this series of events built on installations and lectures, professionals of T-Systems introduce future-shaping projects, which the interns applying to the company can be participate in.

JövőTér 3 250x140On March 23rd, in the last station of JövőTér held in the Budapest University of Technical Sciences, students can have an insight into what the not too distant future will be like, and with what developments T-Systems, as one of the most important players of the digital transformation is preparing for it. In addition to the presentations, visitors can also see already existing solutions in the interactive showroom. For example, smart city leapmotion is a 3D technology-based application introducing how a city can become more livable with the application of smart services, including intelligent energy management, public lighting or e-parking. With the help of a software solution, participants may meet Vanda, the virtual assistant, who even taps beer, if asked to do so.  Also industrial solutions related to the production can be seen in the showroom, in its Aximmetry 3D application, the innovative solutions appearing in the industrial vertical can be tested in an interactive manner.

Students also could learn what positions in the domestic market leading infocommunications company they can apply for as interns or new entrants. The application developed for the event also offers a game, the winners of which will be granted double entry tickets for the Largest European Future Festival, the Budapest Brain Bar.

Next station of the T-Systems JövőTér will be the Pécs Science University on March 28th, and the Óbuda University on April 4th. In April, experts of the company will visit two more locations, the Budapest Business School and the Pázmány Péter Catholic University.