MOL Bubi was Popular During the Car-Free Weekend

According to the information received by the Budapest Transport Centre (BKK), on Saturday, the first day of the car-free weekend, nearly six thousand people decided to ride MOL Bubi bikes.The MOL Bubi IT system developer T-Systems Hungary also participated in the European Mobility Week and joined the programmes organised on Andrássy Avenue as an exhibitor.

MOL Bubi was Popular During the Car-Free WeekendThe programmes organised in the framework of the annually organised European Mobility Week calls the attention to the significance of environment-friendly community transport in urban life.

The purpose of the event is to demonstrate that it is worth making efforts for environment-friendly transport on every day of the year, for instance by using community transport or by seeking information on the impacts the particular means of transport used by us have on our environment.

On Saturday and Sunday on Andrássy Avenue visitors were given a glimpse of the future of transport: they were given the opportunity to try various hybrid buses with considerably improved emission rates and numerous different kinds of electrical cars and other vehicles. One of the main attractions at this year’s event was the MOL Bubi bike system, recently handed over to the public and representing one of the new, alternative means of community transport in urban mobility.

There was an hour on Saturday when 552 of the total number of 1100 Bubi bikes available for rent were used simultaneously. More than 4500 passes have been sold and the number of registered users exceeds 6000.

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