T-Systems Hungary is preparing for the Industry 4.0 with its own developments

Augmented reality, automated production, smart parking: on the Digital Regional Summit T-Systems Hungary will introduce its most exciting technological solutions that support domestic and European processes of Industry 4.0. The objective of the conference organized by the Ministry of National Economy is to reveal the challenges created by the digitization, and to create a meeting point for the decision makers and representatives of the industrial and infocommunications sector.

T-Systems Hungary is preparing for the Industry 4.0 with its own developmentsAt the exhibition accompanying the two-day conference commencing on November 17th, Deutsche Telekom Group will be represented by T-Systems Hungary with an exhibition stand fitting the concept of the event. Solutions introduced during the exhibition in an interactive way, with the help of demos include the system of T-Systems Hungary (MES = Manufacturing Execution System) applicable in automated manufacturing technology and production management, its antivirus solution optimized for industrial environment, as well as an AR – augmented reality – application developed with the involvement of Kitchen Budapest. Further examples will be introduced for the potential fields of application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial environment, self-driving autonomous cars, and the smart parking system of T-Systems – a pilot instance of which is already in operation in the parking lot of the company’s office block – will also be introduced to the visitors. A plotting board introducing almost all operating smart city solutions of the company will also be placed in the exhibition room, where it is possible to visualize the individual service functionalities in a spectacular way. The exhibited solutions draw the attention to the development opportunities related to the application of the Industry 4.0 model and the changes that the digital revolution is going to bring in the future.

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