T-Systems visits Universities

With its series of events called FutureSpace Campus, T-Systems presents in the domestic institutions of tertiary education, what the not too distant future will be like, and with what developments the experts of the company are preparing for it. The first station is held on February 22 in the Széchenyi István University in Győr, where the participating students could also learn what open positions in the domestic market leading infocommunications company they can apply for as interns or new entrants.

t_logo_250_140During their presentations, experts of T-Systems reveal the meaning of terms like connected car, smart city of industry 4.0, and how they are based on technological innovations like Big Data, IoT or machine learning. During the event - with the help of VR glasses - also a virtual tour can be taken in the workplace of the future, whereas in the interactive showroom, participants can familiarize with the already existing T-Systems solution. For example, smart city leapmotion is a 3D technology-based application introducing how a city can become more livable with the application of smart services, including intelligent kiosks and benches, even the management of community transport. With the help of a software solution, students can meet Vanda, the virtual assistant, who even taps beer, if asked to do so. The application developed for the event also offers a game, the winners of which will be granted double entry tickets for the largest European future festival, the Budapest Brain Bar.

In the first station of FutureSpaceCampus - in the lobby of the Széchenyi István University, the program starts at1 p.m. on February 22nd.