A cluster for domestic development of self-driving cars is founded

Established jointly by information technology, electronics and automotive companies, the Zala Self-Driving Vehicle Cluster was founded on January 10, the objective of which is to interconnect research & development and innovation capacities in the field of intelligent transportation systems.

As a result of technological innovation and disruptive business models, the demand for new mobility services keeps increasing also in the transportation industry; the objective of the cluster is to provide knowledge transfer for this process and for the development of the Zalaegerszeg Automotive Industry Test Track. The organization provides an organizational cooperation framework for the development of the relevant products. Furthermore, the founders intend to make it easier for demand needs, research and development competencies to find each other, as well as taking the products created as a result of the cooperation to the domestic and international markets by offering personalized services.

Zoltán Kaszás, chief executive officer of T-Systems Magyarország Zrt., elected chairman of the Cluster said: “The transport industry is facing dynamic changes, due to the changes resulted by the digital technologies and electromobility. Implementation of the Automotive Industry Test Track in Zalaegerszeg will allow Hungary to actively participate in shaping this process, whereas the recently founded Cluster can be an excellent catalyst for this process. As one of the originators of the recently established group, T-Systems Magyarország intends to apply progressive European practices and innovations. The company plays significant role in positioning Hungary to the forefront of utilizing technological possibilities of digital transformation. We consider as one of our important tasks to demonstrate innovation and values of the excellent Hungarian professional information technology knowledge to a broader public."

László Sajben, division leader of AVL AutóKut Mérnöki Kft. said: “core activity of our company - development and integration of automotive powertrains is facing significant changes. Future vehicles will not have to be tested by themselves, but together with their environment, which is an enormous challenge with respect to both the number of the applied technologies and the complexity of the test environment. So cooperating with the partner companies and sharing experiences is an important aspect to us, for which the Zala Self-Driving Vehicle Cluster provides the opportunity”

Marie-Theres Thiell, managing director of Innogy Hungária and chairman of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ said: “for us, as an energy service provider company, leader in the electromobility field, operator of the largest service network in Hungary, similarly to Innogy Group pursuing similar activities in the Central European region, it is important to be important parts of such an innovative community that develops in detail and submits to testing during operation the usage methods of innovative electromobility and smart city infrastructure.

Péter Hajdú, regional director of Cisco for the Central and Eastern Europe said: “One of the most exciting technological trends of our time is related to autonomous devices - drones, vehicles, robots. Moreover, we will meet self-driving vehicles not only on the roads, but they can be used in a number of fields, including mining, waste management, agriculture or airports. Cisco intends to contribute to the operation of the Cluster with its intuitive network and cyber security technologies.”

Roland Jakab, managing director of Ericsson Magyarország Kft. said: “The era of 5G, advanced machine intelligence, mixing of virtual and physical world and the connected society offers countless opportunities for the economic growth of the country. Ericsson participates in the work of the Cluster, in the development of new and innovative use-cases with its World leading 5G, IoT and Cloud solutions, as well as extensive domestic Research and Development activity.”

Attila Bíró, chief executive officer of KNORR-BREMSE Fékrendszerek Kft said: With the development of digitization, new opportunities are opened also in the field of commercial vehicles, and as a result we are able to offer solutions that would radically transform public road transportation. Knorr-Bremse has an extensive research and development capacity in Hungary, the main directions of which are not only to increase transportation safety and fuel economy, but also to automate and network transportation and logistic operations. Both the Zalaegerszeg Test Track and foundation of the Cluster support these endeavors, and help in the creation of a innovative and infrastructural background in Hungary, which can contribute to the creation of vehicles of the future.

Founders of the Zala Self-Driving Vehicle Cluster: AVL Autókut Mérnöki Kft., innogy Hungária Kft. represented by ELMŰ Nyrt., Cisco Systems Magyarország Kft., Ericsson Magyarország Kft., KNORR-BREMSE Fékrendszerek Kft., T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.