Deutsche Telekom Group accomplished an outstanding international achievement: the Greek subsidiary, OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization) and T-Systems Hungary concluded a five-year contract with Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, one of the largest bottlers of Coca-Cola products.

Pursuant to the agreement OTE provides primary data center services in Athens while T-Systems Hungary provides disaster recovery functions in Budapest.

The data services include all transactions and operations, including CMR, ERP and call center services as well. The contract covers 28 countries of the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) where Coca-Cola HBC is present. The size of the company is best characterized by the fact that 36,000 employees work simultaneously in 13 different time zones, from the westernmost part of Europe, through Galway in Ireland, to the easternmost city of Russia, Petropavlosk in the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Elias Drakopoulos, Senior Vice President Business Excellence at Deutsche Telekom, said in relation to the agreement: the success is attributable to the Group’s ability to offer customized solutions through its international network and cross-border capabilities. The contract concluded with Coca-Cola HBC proves that Deutsche Telekom has strong positions in Europe in the field of providing info-communication services to enterprise customers.

T-Systems Hungary played a significant role in the awarding of the contract. The Cloud & Data Center in Budapest, that complies with the strictest quality expectations, will have an in important role if any unexpected event occurs that negatively influences the services in the primary center and the continuity of the services will have to be ensured from Hungary. T-Systems Hungary assisted OTE Greece throughout the data migration from Athens to Budapest from the existing data centers. T-Systems Hungary set up an experienced expert team to support the relocation of one of the biggest integrated SAP infrastructures in the world. The task was to assess, design and fine-tune the systems to ensure that the new environment perfectly fits the service needs of Coca-Cola HBC. It is a particularly important expectation that the migration takes place without any interference with the daily work of Coca-Cola HBC employees.

Tibor Rékasi, T-Systems Hungary’s CEO highlighted: the contract is the biggest international success of the company so far and provides a good reference to obtain further similar assignments. He added: T-Systems Hungary’s uniquely broad portfolio and info-communication integration abilities, that are absolutely necessary to perform such complex tasks, are the factors that enable the company to provide secondary data center functions. The 43 million EUR contract is among the biggest info-communication business successes of Deutsche Telekom Group in Europe and the biggest outsourcing agreement in the Greek market while it is also a great example of cross-border international cooperation.

T-Systems Cloud & Data Center

As the biggest Hungarian service provider of info-communication infrastructure co-location, T-Systems’ Cloud and Data Center represents the currently best available technology in the world.  The security system fulfills the strictest standards, provides maximum fire protection safety, guarantees continuous power supply and the ability of fine-tuning the environmental conditions ensures the protection and reliable operation of the mission-critical equipment. Customers may enjoy practically unlimited data transmission bandwidth and an optimal network environment. The highly qualified employees of the Cloud & Data Center provide 24 hours operation support services and perform basic operation and maintenance tasks.

With the data center T-Systems Hungary won the Energy Efficient Company title for the second time in 2015 based on its data center energy management optimization investments. The optimization of electric energy consumption has been performed since 2010 with the help of a uniform and audited framework system. T-Systems Hungary developed its energy management system before the relevant EU standard took effect and was verified first in Hungary upon the new regulation’s (ISO 50.001) entry into force.

Source: http://www.t-systems.hu/jovokep/201502/egy_udito_projekt (in Hungarian)

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