Here are the most promising FinTech solutions

In cooperation with FinTech Group and Cisco Hungary, T-Systems Hungary has surveyed and published Hungary’s 25 most promising FinTech startup solutions. The HUNFINTECH25 compilation - also available online - provides insight into the trends and data that determine the digital future of banks, and gives a picture of the current situation in the Hungarian and international FinTech world.


FinTech companies are typically startups that use the latest technologies or new digital approaches based on them on the market of financial solutions. Examining the Hungarian FinTech ecosystem, editors of the HUNFINTECH25 publication - following a preliminary filtering - selected the 34 best Hungarian FinTech startups from more than 70 candidates, which were then ranked by an independent nine-member professional jury, who narrowed the list to the 25 most promising solutions. In the course of the evaluation they examined how innovative the project was, and whether it had a raison d’etre in the next two to three years. Among others, the compilation includes asset management solutions, money transfer solutions, cost monitoring and price comparison applications, as well. The publication offers help mainly to bank and financial executives and decision-makers to familiarize with genuine and useful solutions, the startups standing behind those solutions, and to even consider cooperation with them.

“T-Systems Hungary contributes to digital transformation by not only providing the necessary IT and application conditions, but also by establishing the new infrastructural and business ecosystem, together with the FinTech companies.” - emphasized Mihály Németh, Chief Officer of T-Systems Hungary. “As system integrators, we can assist banks and FinTech companies to find each other and the maturation of different technological, business and regulatory competences in a new essence. This recent publication serve the same purpose.”

According to the paper on the impacts of the digital vortex, approximately 40 percent of the traditional market players might lose significant share of their position or be crowded out from the market completely during the next few years. Financial sector is one of the five most concerned areas. In addition to transparency and reliability, clients of financial institutions today also expect the availability and continuous development of innovative, user-friendly and safe banking applications that can be used on different devices. To satisfy these expectations, Cisco offers a digital platform containing not only network and security solutions, but is capable of serving digital business models, as well.” - added Péter Hajdú, regional director of Cisco for the Central and Eastern Europe.

Among others, the publication includes the Good solution that provides alternative financing opportunity to support individual or community programs or projects, the Seon that performs credit risk analysis faster than the current solutions, or the Transgate that collects credit card payment solutions on a web-based “marketplace” per webshop type, so that webshop owners can find them simply and quickly.


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