Hospital Information System Communication is the ICT Project of The Year

Future has never been brighter for humanity, from robots to Artificial Intelligence – emphasized Kevin J. Surace, innovator of the decade and inventor of first smart phone at the Symposium 2018 conference. T-Systems holds this forum for the seventh year in a row, where business decision makers gave the “Project of The Year” Award to the HISCOM solution.

Hungarian and international experts at the T-Systems Symposium presented the latest trends of the digital world to nearly 2 000 attendants. The conference’s slogan is “Human dimensions – technological trends”. This symposium searched for novelties but also offered practical examples and solutions to partners.

Kevin J. Surace says that “summarizing the expected impacts of digitizing, the image is clearly positive”. He is presenting on the plenary session of Symposium and he says: “Devices of digital world make our world better; they reduce the number of iterative tasks repeating everyday and open up new work opportunities. The – of course – need new skills. We take a brand new road offering new challenges to everyone.”

Hungary may have an important role in this process, having the required technological development level and governmental commitment. Srini Gopalan, Board Member of Deutsche Telekom AG responsible for Europe,says:“All over the world digitalization transforms societies. For example, in China developments around artificial intelligence have gained incredible scale. Meanwhile, Finland stands out as a great example, ranking top of the EU in open data, digital public services and digital skills. These, and many more cases, highlight the positive impact that digital transformation has to businesses, economies and societies alike. Hungary, with amongst the best fixed and mobile infrastructure in Europe, we believe is exceptionally well positioned to truly driving this digital transformation and using it to make the transition from “Made in Hungary” to “Invented in Hungary”. We, as Deutsche Telekom Group, are an active partner in this transformation, with our infrastructure, international expertise and digital know-how to the benefit of all.”

Symposium 2018 has different sections for all sectors presenting the expected innovations of state administration, industry, commerce, transportation, healthcare or finance. Kaszás Zoltán, CEO of T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. pointed out:“Digitalization is not the future anymore; it is present and it is changing our life, economy and the whole industry. Those entities will be winners in this process that can exploit the opportunities of digital transformation the best. T-Systems is well prepared to be a credited and trusted partner of its customers in this new world of challenges.”

It was announced that Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Hungary reached a significant milestone: The narrow band IoT network is available on nearly 60% of the country, enabling M2M communication. Rékasi Tibor, CEO of Magyar Telekom says:

„Digital transformation is an opportunity for everyone to get on the top. Digitizing offers practical advantages everywhere from industry, commerce, state administration to personal life of individuals or their leisure time. We at Magyar Telekom believe that strong commitment and common actions can make each individual the winner of this transformation. Next step of our joint actions is the development of NB-IoT network, which is available already on 60% of Hungary.”

“Company Partner” Awards were also handed over on T-Systems Hungary Conference. Transformation – Customer Experience Partnership Award was given to SAP Hungary Kft. for its professional activities in selling licenses for the Intellectual Properties National Institute. It was a great contribution for more efficient administration related intellectual properties, patents, copy rights or industrial rights. The Most Innovative Project Award was given to OMTLAB. This enterprise had a close cooperation with T-Systems in innovative activities. They created an inside tracking system supporting digital efforts of industrial companies in optimizing logistics, warehousing and improving efficiency. The Award of Achieving the Greatest Growth was given to DELL EMC.

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