Mandatory data provisioning in private health care

On June 1, 2020 a new regulation has taken effect according to which all private healthcare service providers must connect to the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) and send online data to the central system through the EESZT. The decision affects about 29,000 private practices, which can now only fulfill their data provisioning obligations through accredited software. Prior to the decree’s entry into force, Pan-Inform Kft., a subsidiary of T-Systems, specialized in healthcare solutions, went live with its IT system developed for private practitioners. The use of the system requires only a computer, a browser and a stable, high-bandwidth internet connection.

From June 1 all private healthcare service providers will have to use a software accredited by the National Healthcare Service Center (AEEK) to provide data to the EESZT. This is the online, central system that all state funded healthcare institutions and general practitioners have gradually joined since 2017, and where patients’ health data (previously prescribed prescriptions, outpatient documents, hospital discharge reports) are stored. The system has been available to private service providers - private clinics, physicians working in private practice - since January this year and after a six-month transition period they will be obliged to join the system from 1 June. The change in the rules affecting about 29,000 private practices can only implemented with the use of a proper digital infrastructure.

Pan-Inform, which is 100 percent owned by T-Systems, recently made available and as of June 1 goes live with its IT system developed for private physicians, accredited by the ÁEEK. The solution is designed specifically for private service providers and seeks to fulfill newly emerging needs in a simple and effective way.

In addition to prescribing e-prescriptions and providing EESZT data the system is suitable for creating treatment documentation (referrals, examination requests, etc.) in a customized design, for setting up an electronic appointment system and for monitoring inventory management and warehousing. If there are multiple physicians working in the same practice they can also have their own patient groups and individual appointment calendars.

“The application, developed with the involvement of Hungarian healthcare professionals, is not only suitable for data provisioning, but also helps the work of private physicians with additional digital functions, such as remote diagnostics” - said Tamás Somogyi, Pan-Inform’s managing director. According to the expert this can be a useful tool in patient care and in the organization of treatments, as the physician continuously receives information on the condition of the relevant patient and can also monitor the operation of the practice through data analysis. The primary considerations in the development of startMedSol were the quickest possible start and ease of use. Accordingly, Pan-Inform’s development team of physicians and IT professionals created a cloud-based solution with the data stored entirely domestically, that simply requires a computer, a browser and a stable, high-bandwidth internet connection on user side.