T-Systems Symposium: Beyond technology, trust is also a critical factor for success today

The big data technology based municipality data warehouse, built as the joint effort of the Hungarian State Treasury and the National Info-communications Services Company Plc. within the frame of the ASP project, has been selected as the Project of the Year at the T-Systems Hungary Symposium. In addition to information technology solutions, this year the conference also touched upon the social implications of digitalization: how data analysis, robotics or the Internet of Things are transforming the processes of sport, art or agriculture.


What is the secret of long-term success in a digital world where you have to complete the marathon run in more than 421 100-meter sprints? Among others, this topic was also discussed by the speakers at the T-Systems Hungary Symposium, where new roles, models and structures created by digital transformation were discussed.

The event, which has become a key importance event at regional level, has always given high priority to the human and social factors, which determine the effectiveness of development, just as much as the technical content. “The technology we need is available at the right level, new roles, new models and new structures are emerging, and robots are part of our daily lives. This is no longer the future, but the present, ”said Zoltán Kaszás, CEO of T-Systems Hungary at the opening of this year's Symposium. At the same time, however, care should be taken not to lose confidence in efficiency - he added. He referred to the saying by Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb, that today "trust business" is the key and not technological issues.


László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology said at the Symposium that by the end of 2025, they would like to give access to 1 Gbps bandwidth to more than three quarters of all public institutions and households. The government plans to take a regional lead in testing technology-based applications as one of Europe's 5G development hubs, the minister added.


While digitalization is around us and changes every aspects of life, the average user is not and should not be interested in the increasingly complex technology behind it - said Magyar Telekom’s CEO. According to Tibor Rékasi, this will give competitive advantage to those service providers that can translate the technology into the customer's language and create user experience from technology that is available anywhere and anytime.

Due to the supreme significance of the human factor, this year's Symposium keynote speaker was chosen on the basis that she become world-famous for her theory of trust. Rachel Botsman writer, Trust Fellow at Oxford University, pointed out that one of the most pressing issues in digital transformation is that the user feels that he or she is vulnerable to technology. This in turn appreciates and transforms trust, which is an indispensable factor in a distributed economy.

At T-Systems' traditional innovation event the Hungarian public administration's first Big Data technology data warehouse was selected as the Project of the Year. The choice was not unfounded: the data warehouse created jointly by the National Info-communications Services Company Plc., the Hungarian State Treasury and T-Systems supports the preparation of municipal and governmental decisions, the implementation of analytical tasks and the timely identification of indebtedness processes while integrates the data of nearly 3200 independent organizations, thus taking an important step towards data-based public administration.

In the conference’s showroom, in T-Systems' Future Space, participants could try solutions developed by the company in partnership with partners and customers: including a logistics drone that makes warehousing incomparably more efficient, humanoid robots equipped with Vanda's knowledge and expertise, an electronic reception service or an IoT based swine monitoring system.  

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