Testing of the local mobile network solution of Telekom and T-Systems already in progress, under manufacturing conditions

Magyar Telekom has launched a dedicated, local mobile network at the site of BorgWarner Ltd.

For the first time in the region, the testing of the local mobile network, established on the site of BorgWarner Oroszlány Ltd., is underway in Hungary, under live operation conditions. The Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Hungary solution, called campus network, allows wireless connection within a manufacturing plant site, which is highly certain to satisfy the high availability, low latency and dedicated mobile network capacity requirements of the users. Besides traditional telecommunication needs, BorgWarner will first test the implemented network in the fields of internal logistics (barcode reading, automated material handling), production control (PLC data link), and production monitoring. The network will also be ready for migrating to 5G technology later.

Network connections among machines, devices is a key component of industry solutions and developments. The flexibility and efficiency of manufacturing processes will be significantly increased by improving the performance and reliability of network access solutions. For this purpose, Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Hungary have implemented a so called campus network solution at the Oroszlány factory of the high-tech automotive parts manufacturer BorgWarner. This combination of the public mobile network and the newly created 4G/LTE based local network provides an excellent opportunity for the two companies to perform testing and customization of IoT solutions in an industrial environment, which is crucial for living up, as soon as possible, to demands coming after the introduction of 5G mobile technology.

“With the dedicated campus network, our customers will get an exceptionally reliable, high performance and customized local network solution. All this, allows for quick adoption of the extremely fast technological developments in the field of manufacturing, and also provides space for new developments” - said Ákos Kalmár, Deputy CEO of T-Systems Hungary. „At the same time, this cooperation represents a great opportunity for us to assess and acquaint ourselves with industry demands for the coming 5G technology, in order to ensure that after the appearance and roll-out of 5G networks, our customers could immediately use the benefits of the technology.”

„The dedicated network allows preparing for Industry 4.0 developments already now, that will become even more efficient with the arrival of 5G networks – commented László Kertész, IT Business Relationship Manager of BorgWarner Oroszlány Ltd.  „In the period ahead of us, we expect that the jointly tested solutions will contribute to improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process.”

Campus Network
Campus Network, as a special mobile network solution, provides a dedicated base station and indoor coverage for customer sites - such as industrial plants - and can be tailored to special customer needs and required solutions, typical within a given area. The 4G/LTE technology based Campus Network, to be further developed towards 5G later, guarantees network capacity, latency (delay), reliability, security and other service quality components as required by the user. Campus Network solutions significantly improve the reliability and flexibility of IoT solutions arriving with Industry 4.0.

BorgWarner Oroszlány Ltd.
As a member of the BorgWarner group, with manufacturing plants at 74 sites in 19 countries around the world, the Oroszlány plant of the BorgWarner Oroszlány Ltd. is the second largest factory of the group’s turbo-charger manufacturing line of business. It has been continuously developing since its foundation in 2001, and by now delivers turbo-chargers to all major European car manufacturers.