These are the technological novelties we will use in the near future

Smart garbage cans and smart parking apps, public utility meters that upload their readings, smart watches that prevent workplace accidents: these are just a few of the new developments that will be discussed at T-Systems Hungary’s Symposium 2018 conference. The star guest speaker of the event will be Kevin J. Surace, the innovator of the decade, who created the first smart phone.

Telecommunications developments must not stop at the rollout of networks or when hardware connected to them is put in place. Developers continuously work on creating new opportunities in general, using the available resources as efficiently as possible, or on providing answers to specific problems. T-Systems Hungary is to hold its seventh full-day conference, Symposium 2018, to present the latest opportunities offered by the digital world to representatives of different industries. The title of the event reflects the same purpose: “Human dimensions, technological perspectives”.

This year’s event is focused on digitalization and the solutions it offers. The technologies that will soon run on 5G will enable us to download tons of data in seconds, and power-efficient, thus much cheaper narrowband IoT (internet of things) is already available in Hungary. The above shall serve as a basis for numerous solutions that will be discussed at the “Smart Cities” panel during the breakout sessions: examples include the smart meters soon to appear in our homes, and the smart parking apps that guide drivers to vacant parking spaces.

The Symposium 2018 breakout sessions will address other hot technological topics aimed at representatives of the healthcare, commercial, industrial, banking and other sectors, supported by spectacular demos. The invitees will get answers to questions like how smart watches can prevent workplace accidents, or how a properly developed system can prevent the accumulation of long lines at the cash desks of shops, the sight of which repel customers.

At the internationally recognized conference, the most prestigious Hungarian and foreign representatives of technological innovations will share their thoughts on the issues addressed. The latest developments will be discussed by speakers like Cisco’s Head of Security for Europe and Asia, Martin Lee, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s executive working on super computer-related innovations, Michal Klimes, who will speak about technologies used in space exploration.

The presentation of the start guest speaker of the Symposium 2018 event, Kevin J. Surace, also promises to be very exciting. Mr. Surace is one of the leading innovators of the silicon valley. His achievements include the development of the first smart phone. He has published in Businessweek, Times and Forbes US, among other papers. The expert, considered the innovator of the decade, comes to Budapest after having delivered hundreds of speeches at TED events and other professional forums.