Become an IT Expert: We double the number of school teams participating in the challenge!

  • Over 100 teams have applied, so the number of teams participating in the Become an IT Expert Challenge are extended to 40 from 20.
  • Gameday office vloggers show: everybody can write programmes

legy te is informatikus 250x140Over 100 school teams have applied to the Become an IT Expert Challenge, an online programming adventure game of Telekom and T-Systems. Due to phenomenal demand, the organisers have extended the number of participating highschool teams from 20 to 40. On 24 April, the applicants first get a programming test task. The fastest 40 teams to return the solution will have the chance to continue the game. The challenge will start on 2 May. This is also the date when the players will receive authorisation to go online.

Highschool students of grades 9-12 participating in the Challenge can compare their encoding knowledge in a playful manner, mentored by teachers. Teams have to resolve tasks that require algorhythmic thinking as well as expertise at programming. The Challenge also provides excellent opportunity for teachers and students to join forces in the game and make use of their common knowledge. The adventure game is centred around an intergalactic journey. Teams take part in a space mission, but they can only get from point A to point B if they complete a given programming task on time. Finally, the teams need to develop a programme of their own and challenge one of the schools in the competition to solve the task. The tasks may require the use of programming languages that are freely accessible through internet trainings. Thus, students gain skills and competences during the game that may come useful in other areas later.

The tasks of the Challenge help students familiarise with programming as a skill that can be an exciting tool for taking part in useful activities.  In their video, vloggers of the Gameday office used a robotic arm to prove this point: They selected a few applicants from the comments they received, and at the robotics Faculty of the Szent István University they programmed a robot to give high-fives, play cards and open a beer can. Vloggers as well as the Become an IT Expert Challenge make a point to underline that IT is a creative language that can be easily learnt, and with its help everything is possible.

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