Beyond one million

Users of Mol BuBi have rented bikes more than one million times, so far, and the total mileage covered by the bikes has exceeded two million kilometers.

Beyond one millionThe capital’s public bike rental service is much more popular among the residents of the city and tourists than ever expected. The average number of rentals per day in the period between the launch of the service last September and the end of October, this year had been 2021, but in the peak season between April and September, it reached 3167. The most popular stations were the ones located at Margit Island, Kálvin Square and Erzsébet Square. Responding to suggestions and comments made by users, new stations have been added to the network in the period between the launch of the Mol BuBi service and September, this year, at different locations within the city, as well as a three-month pass was also made available, thus promoting that even more people be able to use the green bikes. By now, 98 stations, 2159 docking stands and 1150 bikes are at the disposal of the customers in 11 districts of Budapest.

The bike rental service is popular not only among its users, but is recognized by the ICT industry in general, too. T-Systems Hungary has recently been awarded the ICT Project of the Year Award by the biggest organization of the industry, the ICT Association of Hungary for the development of the bike rental system.

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