Biologist Csaba Pál is awarded this year’s Bolyai Prize

The prize was handed over to the researcher of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) by President of Hungary, J á nos Á der

“The significance of the Bolyai Prize for me is that it confirmed that I had to come home in 2008 and found a research team in Szeged” – says biologist Csaba Pál, who was awarded the Bolyai Prize of 2015 by President János Áder in the Ceremonial Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The Szeged-based 40 year old researcher and his team work every day on making the struggle against pathogens more efficient by combining the already known antibiotics.

Biologist Csaba Pál is awarded this year’s Bolyai Prize The Bolyai Prize was established 15 years ago from private funds. The purpose was to acknowledge every two years the work of a Hungarian citizen or a person of Hungarian origin, who achieved internationally recognised results in the fields of scientific research, development, education of new generation of scientists, as well as the utilisation of these achievements in the Hungarian social and scientific community. This year, the main sponsor of the award ceremony was T-Systems Hungary, as the leading Hungarian info-communications service provider company considers as one of its main tasks to support initiatives that duly recognise the Hungarian knowledge capital, and help keeping it in Hungary.
In the award ceremony president János Áder highlighted that Csaba Pál already has results the whole mankind may benefit on, then he added that one of the greatest virtues of the Bolyai Prize awarded every two years is that “it makes science public talk with its special voice”. This is why the President trusts that in the forthcoming days more and more people will talk about the Szeged Biological Research Laboratory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where within the frames of the Lendület Programme, a dedicated team is analysing the behaviour of bacteria, for they want to know exactly, how and why they adapt so quickly to the changes.
Csaba Pál has been a researcher of the Szeged Biological Research Laboratory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2008, senior scientific research fellow of the Institute of Biochemistry, and leader of the Evolution System Biology team. He comes from a family of physicians, but instead of following the family tradition, became a biologist, then specialised and started to research the evolution of genetic systems and biological networks. Pál obtained his doctor’s degree in the Eötvös Lóránt University of Sciences in 2002, then with a scholarship he spent several years abroad, and had the opportunity to research in Oxford, Heidelberg and Italy.
In the press conference following the award ceremony, the founders of the prize, economist-sociologist Csaba Lantos and venture capital investor Attila Várkonyi highlighted: “Our country – and other countries as well – need researchers who serve the interest of mankind, and encourage the younger generation to do the same. The scientific results of Csaba Pál he achieved to date as well as the hard work of his research team is an excellent example of this. We are convinced that the Award Commission has indeed chosen the right person for this year’s Bolyai Award.”

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