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Budapest, April 21, 2015 – The first Bolyai Prize, recognizing major achievements in science, was awarded 15 years ago. The objective of the founders has been even from the beginning that in order to promote Hungary’s economic and social competitiveness, they support those who demonstrate outstanding performance in sciences. The prize committee, which is chaired by the President of Hungary, shall award the EURO 100.000-worth prize, which will be handed over to the winner at the May 17 award ceremony held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Bolyai Prize 2015According to the chairman of the Bolyai Foundation Board of Trustees and Rector of the University of Szeged, Gábor Szabó, the Bolyai Prize is the most prestigious Hungarian scientific award founded by private individuals since the democratic transformation of the country. The experience so far has also shown that all prize winners have become ambassadors for Hungarian science in their respective disciplines, in which they are supported by the foundation, too, as it strives to provide them the greatest possible number of opportunities to address the public through the media, increasing awareness about their own areas of expertise. „The prize has become widely esteemed by the scientific community. We believe that it is not only an aspiration of ours, but the prize has really become widely considered the Hungarian Nobel Prize by intellectuals. One major criteria and condition for that was that the prize committee should really consist of well-known and recognized representatives of science and its decisions be accepted about the overwhelming majority of peers,” says the rector.

The first Bolyai Prize was awarded to the present Vice-President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Neurobiologist, Tamás Freund, followed by IT expert, Tamás Roska, Physicist, Zsolt Bor, Mathematician, László Lovász, Researcher of Antiquity, Zsigmond Ritoók, Chemist, András Perczel and Neurobiologist Zoltán Nusser.

The Bolyai Prize is funded from private capital, with the aim to award someone of Hungarian citizenship or origin every two years who has demonstrated major achievements, even in international comparison, in the areas of scientific research, development, education of the following generation of scientists or in exploiting the results of any of the aforementioned for the benefit of the economy or society. The Prize is not restricted to a single discipline of science, it is awarded by an independent 15-member committee, chaired by the President of Hungary.

In 2015, T-Systems Hungary also joined the initiative. The CEO of the company, Tibor Rékasi said „as a leading Hungarian ICT provider, we consider it an important duty to support any initiatives that recognize achievements that make our future lives easier. Proper recognition of such may well be the most effective vehicle to keep Hungarian talent in Hungary.”

As in years before, the year-2015 Bolyai Prize shall be presented at an award ceremony held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences by the President of Hungary, János Áder, in the evening of May 17.

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