Budapest has become smarter by a pole

As a result of the joint development of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ and T-Systems, Budapest’s first public Smart Service Point (SSP) integrating information technology devices and energetic solutions forming part of the Smart City concept was deployed today. The electric car charger, free WI-FI, modern LED illumination, security camera and emergency button provide services at a single location, which services would considerably improve the quality of urban life.

Budapest has become smarter by a poleThis spring, the ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Holding and T-Systems Hungary signed a statement of intent on cooperation, according to which they would develop intelligent, energy-efficient solutions making urban life more convenient. The basis for this cooperation is the fusion of the sets of skills and expertise possessed by the two companies, i.e. the system integration competences of T-Systems Hungary and the knowledge of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ accumulated in the fields of energy efficiency, e-mobility and climate protection.

The first tangible result of the joint work is the Smart Service Point (SSP) installed on 12 November  in Széna Square, one of the busiest spots of Budapest. Because of the built-in technical devices and the applied solutions, installation of the equipment is regarded as a milestone from the aspects of domestic penetration of e-mobility, implementation of energy-efficient public street lighting, improvement of public safety and achievement of the country’s environmental objectives.

Hungary’s first smart service point basically integrates five systems and functions. The smart electric car charger built on the infrastructure of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ is capable of transferring 22 kW (3x32) performance, and is compatible with the e-kWh application of the holding. It is important to note that in Hungary this is the first time when an electric car charger is built into an existing lighting pole, one that can be used by the drivers 24 hours a day.  The equipment also includes a WI-FI router ensuring free wireless internet connection capable of providing services to 200 users simultaneously in a 180-meter circle. The security camera installed on the pole – which is the 50th surveillance device in the district – and the emergency button to establish direct contact with the police also integrated into the pole serve the safety of the residents and passers-by. The lighting function is fulfilled by modern and energy-saving LED light sources. Since the smart service point can be customised due to its modular architecture, it is also possible to integrate additional system elements besides those already listed.

In her speech at the presentation ceremony held on 12 November, dr. Marie-Theres Thiell, Chairwoman of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ emphasized that the two cooperating parties develop smart solutions based on their own infrastructures, which solutions – when widely applied – may lever Budapest to the most advanced metropolises in the short run. “Implementation of the Smart City concept is now within reach also for the Hungarian capital. It is a great delight for me to lead a holding, which due to its innovation activities not only sets the direction of the development, but also makes the first steps on it. This smart service point is only the beginning: Thanks to the cooperation of T-Systems and ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ we are going to introduce new marketable products in the near future.” – dr. Marie-Theres Thiell said.

In his speech, Tibor Rékasi,Chief Executive Officer of T-Systems Hungary, said that the cooperation had already spelt success the moment the respective agreement was signed. ”Both infocommunications and energetics sectors are interested in contributing to a sustainable future with concrete innovative solutions. Cities are one of the areas, where these two professional fields can reach the most spectacular results. The stable professional relationship established with the ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Holding has met the hopes and also has a huge value generation potential we are going to try and exploit as soon as possible.” – Tibor Rékasi said.

The event was also attended by Zsolt Láng, Mayor of District II,, who reminded the audience that the district under his leadership is deeply committed to environmental protection and energy efficiency, which is justified by the investments and procurements carried out during the recent years. At the handover ceremony the mayor announced that electric cars with green license plates are now allowed to park free of charge in District II., as a unique measure.

The recently commissioned innovative development is the first element of the product portfolio the two companies intend to jointly enter the market with. Primary target groups of the new product are local municipalities, large public institutions, companies and players of the real estate market. Several Hungarian companies like Budapesti Dísz- és Közvilágítási Kft (Budapest Decorative and Public Ligthing Ltd.) or HOFEKA Kft. having vast experience in the production of public lighting and high-voltage long-distance cable fittings have also joined to the development process.

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