By the end of August, the MOL Bubi system will have been finalised

Based on feedback received during the MOL Bubi public test, which was announced by the Budapest Transport Centre and is in progress with the involvement of 2000 persons, finalisation of the public bike system has started. In charge of development, T-Systems Hungary is currently working on the finalisation and testing of the card payment functions based on customer tests. The terminals at the MOL Bubi collection stations need to be aligned with the bank card payment system in order to provide for stable payment solutions to enable bike borrowing during live operation, which will start before long.

By the end of August, the MOL Bubi system willOn 29 August T-Systems Hungary will complete the correction of the faults revealed during the public test run, and the citizens of Budapest will be handed over a completely operable public bike system free of any faults that would prevent operation.

T-Systems Hungary coordinates development by the German nextbike GmbH, supplier of the central software and hardware system and contractor for system integration, and is also responsible for data communication and the special software solutions. As T-System Hungary is interested in the more safest and most stable possible operation of MOL Bubi and the related services, in joint effort with its partners it will correct any fault revealed during the public test run as well as the internal tests.

However, the overwhelming majority of the participants of the MOL Bubi’s public test run have had favourable experiences. The system is being fine-tuned based on their valuable comments. On behalf of the implementing consortium, Közbringa Kft.,  T-Systems Hungary expresses their gratitude to every tester who has undertaken to participate in the finalisation of MOL Bubi and ride in the city, thus making a great contribution to the handover of a public bike system of European standards at the end of August.

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