Complex public transportation development in Somogy county

Complex public transportation development in Somogy countyDevelopments at Kapos Volán Transportation Company to enhance customer experience.

The GPS-based traffic management and passenger information system, developed by T-Systems Hungary, was launched on December 19 in Somogy county. The project enables to provide more precise information to passengers thereby improves customer experience.

Kapos Volán Zrt. ordered a GPS-based passenger information system from T-Systems Hungary to equip  230 vehicles and 7 bus stations (Kaposvár, Siófok, Marcali, Nagyatád, Barcs, Csurgó, Tab). With the use of real-time data Kapos Volán can control the entire vehicle pool centrally. Besides the provision of route information through the audio system of buses, passengers may also follow the bus route in the front and side displays too. In order to simplify the use of services passengers may buy tickets and reserve their seats in Kapos Volán buses through the internet and may follow the route of buses on their smart phones with the use of a mobile application.

In relation to the project the transportation company launches its Frequent Traveler program. The frequent traveler cards are supplied by T-Systems Hungary.

With the use of cutting edge and reliable data services passengers may enjoy a more comfortable journey and the transportation company may respond to potential problems much quicker than before. The project was partly realized from European Union funds and the system is operated by T-Systems Hungary.

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