Easier administration and fast rollout – EKÁER module from T-Systems Hungary

Easier administration and fast rolloutAs of 1 March 2015 freight transportation companies are obliged by a new legal provision to report their traffic to the Electronic Trade and Transport Control System (EKÁER) operated by the National Tax and Customs Administration. Compliance with this obligation necessitates new types of administrative tasks that are fully supported by the T-EKÁER solution offered by T-Systems Hungary.

T-EKÁER makes connection to the central system of EKÁER simpler and provides a user-friendly reporting solution, thus the customer does not need to be familiar with the specifics of the EKAER interface. T-Systems Hungary offers the fastest rollout of T-EKÁER and integration with the existing system of the client on the market, ensuring that our customers are able to fulfil their reporting obligation in an automated manner and error free. 

Upon request, T-EKÁER can be equipped with dedicated data entry interface and functions to receive local specific data contents and to integrate the necessary controls. As an additional service, T-Systems Hungary also offers technical consultation to its customers. 

Further information on the T-EKÁER is available on the following link.

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