Free calls not only from abroad to Hungary: here is the new roaming offer of Telekom!

Telekom introduces new roaming discounted schemes:Free of charge calls from the EU not only to Hungary, but also to the foreign country where we stay!

Free calls not only from abroad to Hungary: here is the new roaming offer of Telekom!From May 1, 2015 Telekom introduced new roaming discounted schemes and propositions, offering care free telephone and internet usage to customers travelling within the EU zone*.
Residential customers using the largest Next XL (and Next XL PartnerCard) tariff package – enabling unlimited talktime within Hungary – now can choose the EU Plus roaming scheme free of charge, which offers free roaming calls (both call initiation and reception) and message sending both to Hungary and into the EU country* where the customer stays and roams – and all these without committing to any loyalty period.
Residential customers using the unlimited Next M, Next M PartnerCard and Music M tariff packages – by committing to a loyalty period – can choose the roaming package for a low monthly fee, enabling unlimited talk and message sending into the network of both Hungary and the given country. Both versions include a certain data volume that can be used free of charge within the EU*.
However, users of the smallest tariff packages (Next S, Next S PartnerCard and Music S) offering free usage within the Telekom network can also enjoy the new discounted packages, as customers can also avail themselves to a new, seven days favorably priced roaming package, called the „EU 100 roaming” option, offering a fixed amount of talktime and data that can be used.
From May 1, 2015 Telekom also offers more favorable roaming solutions to small and medium sized business customers, with the new Next Business M EU and Next Business XL EU tariff packages, offering free of charge roaming. Customers subscribing for these packages can initiate and receive calls and send SMS messages both within Hungary, from the EU countries* to Hungary and into the network of the country where they roam. Both packages include a fixed data volume that can be used up in Hungary and the EU zone. Another novelty targeting small and medium sized business customers: the Business NetExpansion option, offering an extra data volume for subscribers of the Next Business tariff packages that can be used both in the EU zone and Hungary.
Telekom grants discounted roaming services for its corporate business customers subject to special agreements further on.
In addition to the residential and business propositions enabling new and free roaming, Telekom customers do not have to give up the advantages of the lightening fast 4G mobile internet, as in 2015 the operator increases the number of 4G roaming partners to more than 30.

Residential customers
of Telekom can choose and order the roaming offer fitting their needs the best on site Small and medium sized business customers of Telekom can find information at

* In EU member states and in their external territories, as well as in Andorra,Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. The new roaming offers are available in thecourtiers of the EU Zone, on the networks of any contracted roaming partner of Telekom

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