From now on customers may combine their own mobile plans!

Telekom radically changes its mobile portfolio and implements a flexible, customizable tariff system

  • From this time Telekom’s postpaid customers may mix their own mobile tariff plan
  • Customers may combine voice and data packages as required
  • Unlimited calls within Telekom’s network: unlimited domestic calls to almost 5 million Telekom mobile numbers for a fixed fee (Mobil M, L, XL packages) while in the Mobil XL package outside Telekom’s network, too.
  • +2 GB data for students*
  • Combined mobile and home services at a discount price
  • The new mobile packages can be included in the Magenta 1 combined package

t_logo_250_140From March 24 Telekom lays a new foundation for the postpaid residential mobile portfolio and implements a new tariff system that can be fully adjusted to the individual needs and usage habits of customers.  This practically means that customers may put together their own package themselves depending on how much they wish to use voice or mobile internet services. To pair with the four different voice packages customers may choose from five data packages and the two components jointly constitute the individual fee package.

“Based on the feedback of customers and the differences in their consumption habits prove that the most favorable solution for our subscribers is when they can determine themselves how much data and voice minutes they would like to use in the given month. There are customers who would like to use their phones for voice services in the first place while there are others who prefer more mobile internet data. The new, flexible and customizable system gives a simple answer to these co-existing, yet different requirements and in the future our customers may select and compose their own ideal and customized fee packages” - said Tibor Rékasi, Magyar Telekom’s Chief Commercial Residential Officer.

The smallest voice package contains 80 units** of minutes and SMS messages while the biggest offers unlimited voice and SMS service. Upon finishing the data and voice bundle HUF 35 is charged for each minute and text message in all new fee packages. As far as data packages are concerned customers may choose in the range of 400 MB and 30 GB plans and if the monthly data quantity is used up more gigabytes can be obtained with the use of the ExtraNet option. Another piece of good news for frequent travelers is that the units in the fee package (minutes, text messages, data) can be used for calls and text messages from EU member countries to Hungary, and for net surfing, without any extra charge. Also, in EU roaming cases there is no extra call reception fee in any of the packages.

The free combination of the packages offers the best option for everyone. Headline offers include the combination of the Mobile M and the Net 400 MB data package with which customers may reach almost 5 million domestic Telekom mobile numbers for a monthly fee of 3,000 HUF (together with at least three Telekom home services and ePack discount).

When purchasing new subscriptions customers may choose whether they wish to reduce the monthly fee or the price of the handset in return for the undertaken loyalty period. Those who purchase more data may buy the handset at a lower price when choosing this type of discount.

The new packages make it easier for families to keep contact among family members. With the use of the new Partner card discount customers may enjoy 20% monthly fee discount from the second mobile subscription. In the case of having at least three home services (telephone, internet, TV) 25% monthly fee reduction can be obtained from the monthly fee of mobile subscriptions, too. The new mobile packages can be included in the Magenta 1 integrated fee package.

Besides the Mobile S fee package one may choose an optional cost control option for a separate monthly fee to keep the monthly costs under control, i.e. upon using the voice minutes in the fee package - similarly to Domino top up - it is possible to use further services in return of the respective fee.

Another change is that if the data quantity of the plan is used up then the data traffic is stopped, however, a supplementary data package (ExtraNet option) can be requested immediately through a couple of simple steps therefore customers may continuously enjoy the highest available mobile internet speed.

Another piece of good news for students* is that they receive +2 GB data for 2 years with any of the available data packages.

All Telekom customers may use mobile internet services on the 4G network and the maximum available speed (for more information on the maximum available speed, please visit

Former mobile fee packages cannot be ordered after May 1 and upon expiry of the loyalty contract customers may choose from the new portfolio. For more details on the fee packages please visit

*Conditions of use: Min. 18 years of age, valid student card issued by a Hungarian tertiary or secondary education institute
** One unit is equal with one minutes or one SMS message and the units of the package can be freely used for above services

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