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T-Systems Hungary can see great potentials in electronic public administration, transport IT and IT developments affecting education, security and public administration. In an interview with our paper, company CEO Tibor Rékasi explained that he was optimistic about the future, because significant IT developments can be expected in the new budgetary cycle of the European Union. These will quite certainly have a favourable impact on the market as well as the state.

- T-Systems Hungary’s parent company concluded a partnership agreement with the government this February.Are the achievements of the cooperation already visible?

minden_okunk_megvan_a_bizakodasra_250- T-Systems Hungary may be involved in those sub-chapters of the partnership cooperation that can be well defined. IT support to the relationship between the state, local councils and the citizens is a key issue. We offer several solutions related to the development of digital cities, not only in public administration but, among others, in urban transport or security. Digital education is another topic that fits within this range of activities in which we can see a potential.

- What specific projects could you mention?

- We supply passenger information systems to several county transport companies. For example, most recently, we concluded a contract with Jászkun Volán. Completed projects include, for instance, the IT service management system built for HungaroControl. The citizens of Budapest have recently taken over MOL Bubi, run by an IT system that was developed by us.

- Through its German parent company, T-Systems is also a member of an international ICT service provider network.What potentials does this offer?

- We, so to say, “import” a good deal of IT solutions, but simultaneously, our developments are also used by other subsidiaries of the company in other countries. It is a pleasure for us to see that Hungarian ideas contribute to customer satisfaction in numerous other countries, too. In T-Systems Hungary’s corporate strategy international growth is assigned a special a significance: we have got clear objectives we want to achieve in the Southern Slavic, Romanian and Bulgarian markets.

- Efficiency is usually a key issue for large companies.T-Systems has spent the last two years with getting operation on track in the new organisational framework.What are your experiences?

- In light of the responses and achievements, the merged company can be said to operate in line with the plans. Our purpose was to increase our market share, and overall, this objective has been achieved. In the IT sector, for instance, we managed to increase by more than three percent in the past one year, and in the field of telecommunication services, our slowdown remained below the market trend. All this was achieved in a period when the economic crisis still has its effects felt and telecommunication revenues are typically falling. This success has much to do with the fact that as an integrated company, the range of ICT products and services we can offer is now complete.

- The ICT sector is particularly sensitive to economic crises, as whenever troubles strikes, companies tend to cut their cost most frequently in this field.However, in the past one year, an increasing number of economic indicators show massive improvement.What does T-Systems Hungary experience of all this?

- There are positive signs, and so there is a reason for confidence: with the recovery of retail consumption, the number of orders automatically increases, and higher demand clearly has an impact on the business results of the various manufacturing companies. Fortunately, as their incomes increase, the amount available for IT developments has also started to rise again at larger companies. In this respect the large corporate segment is in a more fortunate position in respect of growth prospects. However, it is important to remember that we are still at the beginning of a budgetary cycle of the European Union, and tenders are still before announcement. When published, these will certainly have a favourable impact on the market as well as the state.

Source: Magyar Nemzet

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