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Central-Eastern Europe’s biggest data center

T-Systems Cloud & Data Center in Budapest, the biggest Central-Eastern European data center, offers cutting edge technology.Customer data is protected by - among others - 60-minute fire resistance panels and significantly lower power consumption than before.

Green and safeThe use of cloud applications is only one pillar of modern operation of companies: the cloud-based infrastructure is equally important. Nowadays not all companies need their own data center infrastructure: it is all available in the T-Systems Cloud & Data Center with security features that would be hard to offer in-house for most companies.

The 14 400 cubic meter facility is the biggest data center in Central-Eastern Europe with one of the most reliable air-conditioning and fire extinguishing functions. The data center is operated by T-Systems Hungary’s highly qualified IT, telecommunication, electric and mechanic engineers 24 hours per day. The temperature of machine rooms is constantly 22 Celsius degrees while humidity is 50 percent. The data of business critical systems are regularly saved on backup media in two copies: one copy is stored in the machine room while the other is stored elsewhere.

The uninterrupted operation of the equipment is ensured by 99.999 percent availability uninterrupted power supply. The facility has double medium voltage connection points that are connected to the municipal network via separated substations. In the event of a network outage the diesel generators of the data center can take over the entire workload within less than three minutes and provide electric power for 72 hours - or for any longer if refueled.

The T-Systems Cloud & Data Center is protected by its own security service. The security service is supported by a closed-circuit television system, vibration-, door opening and movement sensors, alarms. Only authorized personnel may enter the premises and - if necessary - biometric identification is used in the building. Concrete pillars prevent unauthorized entry by vehicle and traffic in the parking lot is controlled by hydraulic obstacles. Fire alarms and automated fire extinguishers are basic services in all machine rooms.

The fire protection surface resists fire for 60 minutes and the automated fire extinguisher system fulfills all environment protection and safety requirements. In the event of fire the fire distinguishing process starts within 30 seconds by way of changing the machine room’s air-volume concentration, i.e. increasing the level of nitrogen to a level that makes burning impossible.

Extreme safety is ensured by T-Systems Hungary under the strictest environment protection conditions. The company invested 790 million HUF in the development of the data center between 2010 and 2014 thereby the facility saves 1.3 kwh per year. This equals the annual power consumption of 2400 average households. The company has won the Energy Efficient Company title twice.

Source: Heti Válasz

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