High-speed internet for schools

The consortium of T-Systems Hungary and Antenna Hungária Ltd. Co. won the public procurement tender aimed at providing microwave-based broadband internet access to 375 schools in the near future.

The microwave technology applied can provide full-duplex access with speeds up to 100 megabits per second to numerous schools countrywide which do not yet have high-speed wire-line access as of today. The two companies shall ensure the operation of the applied high-speed internet infrastructure for 5 years following its installation. The engineers involved in the development project will have to overcome difficulties like mounting equipment on historic buildings and the involvement of many repeater stations. T-Systems Hungary shall also undertake high-level project management tasks relevant to the network development effort aimed at reaching the schools. The whole initiative fits in well with the Digital Hungary concept, as it enables the establishment of an infrastructural environment that promotes the development of pupils’ digital competences. The open public procurement tender was initiated by the National Information Infrastructure Development Institute, and the project is a part of the TIOP program “End-user access development in public education”.

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