HUF 790 Million Development in T-Systems Hungary’s Budapest Data Centre

Operation will be more sustainable and the business scheme will be more customer-friendly as a result of the development implemented in T-Systems Hungary’s Budapest Data Centre in an amount of nearly HUF 790 million among others for the modernisation of the measuring and cooling systems. During the closing event of the process that started back in 2010, on 30 September 2014, Deputy CEO Géza Ragoncsa pointed out that already after the first phase of development, Central Europe’s largest data centre will save an annual 1.3 million kWh, the annual energy consumed by five hundred average housholds. The total amount of saved as a result of the complete reconstruction is expected to come to nearly 3 million kWh.

HUF 790 Million Development in T-SystemsGéza Ragoncsa, T-Systems Hungary’s Deputy CEO for ICT Solutions added that as the data centre infrastructure located in Budapest provided the basis for most of the company’s services, it is a significant part of T-Systems Hungary’s conscious long-term development of services provided for a monthly fee and its cloud capacity increase. He made it clear that in agreement with sustainability, a principle of increasing significance, as a result  of the upgrading, the operation of the data centre infrastructure systems now provide even more predictable and easier-to-plan services.

In 2010 the company started a multi-stage energy efficiency investment project, which included, among others, the modernisation of the indoor units of the facility’s air conditioning, replacement of the outdoor liquid cooling systems, and the reconstruction of the complete outdoor piping. Following replacement of all the important units, including the pump network, in the spirit of energy efficiency, the operating parameters and processes were also remade.

In order to further improve the technical standard of the Data Centre, although it had been high all along the previous decade, the extinction system was re-designed and put to operation, and thus full-scale, double protection has been provided. During the replacement of nitrogen bottles after extinction, an adequate number of apparatuses remain operational to protect customer values. The Data Centre ensured the continuity of operation all the time during development, thus proving that  with accurate planning and prudent implementation a complex system can be completely remade while customers and services are maintained.  Since 2010 developments related to energy efficiency have been carried out in T-Systems Hungary’ Data Centre in a standardised and audited framework: the company had set up its energy management system already before the relevant EU standard entered into force, and it was the first to verify it in Hungary when the relevant EU standard (ISO 50001) became effective.

In the Budapest Data Centre, every customer’s consumption can be traced separately. In addition to a more sustainable operation, the energy management system also enables settlement with the cloud services used through the Data Centre, including the colocation and hosting segments, on the basis of the electricity consumed rather than the area occupied by the servers. This is a more flexible and cost efficient solution for the customers in every respect.

Incorporated in the monitoring system of the Data Centre, located in Asztalos Sándor Street, in District 8 of Budapest, there is a measuring system that served as a starting point of upgrading, as the energy efficiency developments relied on the information provided by this measuring system. Under the Virtual Power Plant Project, these developments were recognised by two awards: in 2013, the Data Centre was declared an Energy Efficient Company, and in 2014 it won the Energy Conscious Company title.


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