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On November 12, 2014 T-Systems Hungary organized a Symposium in the Budapest Congress Centre for the third year in a row that attracted a record of almost 1800 participants. As the biggest, whole-day event of the industry, the Symposium was to give a full picture on the primarily info-communication driven challenges that have an impact on the companies’ present and future operation.

Symposium The Symposium was first organized by T-Systems Hungary in 2012, to establish a forum for Hungarian companies and decision makers of the industry to discuss the actual trends of info-communication and to give an overall insight into the international business and technological developments in a way that reflects the mindset of both suppliers and customers. In the afternoon session more than fifty presenters were giving various presentations in the industry and technology focused workshops. The morning program Symposium offered presentations mainly on how digitalization impacts companies, people, communities, the challenges thereof as well as on transformation issues.

Christopher Mattheisen, Magyar Telekom’s Chief Executive Officer, said in his presentation: the partnership agreement concluded between the Government of Hungary and Magyar Telekom aims the establishment of Digital Hungary which is so important that there can only be winners.  Digital Hungary may turn into reality first in Nyíregyháza that will open new opportunities for citizens and may further improve the efficiency of public institutions’ operation and the competitiveness of enterprises - said Christopher Mattheisen.

Kerstin Günther, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Magyar Telekom, said: one of the key objectives of the European-size Deutsche Telekom is to create an integrated, IP-based Pan-European network that overarches borders and where the company may provide better quality services that require higher bandwidth. Kerstin Günther added: this objective is in line with the Digital Hungary objectives from the view of the development of both the digital infrastructure and digital competences.

Tibor Rékasi, T-Systems Hungary Plc.’s Chief Executive Officer, phrased in his presentation, entitled Human questions, technological answers, as follows: technology has an answer to almost all our questions we only have to ask the right ones. The selection of the infrastructural basis upon which one can build an enterprise, the assurance of a company’s IT security or how we can really create digital communities through a digital city - are real business challenges that can be answered today by info-communication. Tibor Rékasi also talked about a newly introduced portal that offers T-Systems Hungary’s entire cloud service portfolio and is accessible at:

The presenters of the morning session included dr. Balázs Sonkodi, State Secretary of Strategic Development for the Prime Minister's Office, who outlined the Digital National Development Program’s pillars and the schedule of the implementation of the program.  David Roberts, Vice Chairman of Singularity University discussed technologies that cause a paradigm-shift and transform our everyday lives. During the morning session the participants could also take part in the presentations of Elias Drakopoulos,  Vice-President, Deutsche Telekom Business Excellence, Gábor Gonda, HP Hungary’s CEO, Mark Yates, research analyst of  IDC Government Insight as well as Cisco’s Managing Director responsible for Central and South-East Europe.

This year, for the first time, T-Systems Hungary gave awards to its partners in three categories. Based on objective indicators the Biggest Growth award was given to Microsoft Hungary, the Transformation Award for the creation of significant value within the frame of a single project - based on the internal voting of T-Systems Hungary - was given to Cisco Systems Hungary whereas the Ecosystem Award for exemplary cooperation was given to Medexpert Kft. The awards were given to the awardees’ representatives by Géza Ragocsa, Chief Officer. Also this year the Project of the Year award was given out for the first time. The three nominated projects were presented by Zoltán Németh, Chief Officer. The winner was selected by the participants until the closing of the one-day event.

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