ICT Project of the Year: MOL Bubi

The biggest professional organization of the info-communication industry, the Information Technology, Communication and Electronic Enterprises Association (IVSZ), gave out the Tibor Gyurós awards as an acknowledgement of outstanding achievements at the Menta conference. This was the first year when awards were distributed in four categories at the event, organized in Kecskemét. Based on the professional jury's decision the project of the year was Mol BuBi, implemented under the leadership of T-Systems Hungary in a consortium with Csepel Plc.

ICT Project of the Year: MOL Bubi IVSZ gives the ICT project of the year award to successfully closed projects that meet the requirements of professionalism and quality and create real value for customers throughout their implementation. The community bike sharing system in Hungary's capital celebrates its one-year birthday and its implementation brought new transportation opportunities to Budapest: in last year more than 815 thousand bike rentals were registered. It was mentioned at the award ceremony that although many people only see bicycles in Bubi, there is an internationally unique IT system behind the development that posed significant professional challenges for T-Systems Hungary but the safety of its use and the expansion of the bike sharing network confirmed the success of the effort.  Thanks two years expansion 11 districts and 96 collect stations offer 2,109 docking stations with 1,150 bicycles to the users of the MOL Bubi system.

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