In service of processes

By now, not only Service Desk processes, but all functions and processes related to IT service management (ITSM) can be provided on cloud platforms. T-Systems Hungary, as a partner of ServiceNow in Central Eastern Europe, has more than 15 years of experience in the area of ITSM solutions, and that experience is further enriched by numerous ServiceNow introductions.

In_Service_of_Processes_ServiceNow_200x300 In service of processesWe hear a lot about the opportunities offered by cloud platforms, but only a few solutions have so far become part of everyday operations at large enterprises. However, qualities like mobility and flexibility are becoming increasingly important, when it comes to the introduction of new solutions. It is not surprising that a cloud-based platform was introduced specifically in the area of IT service In service of processesmanagement.

ServiceNow is one of the leading cloud-based service providers of the world, which spearheads the development of ITSM systems accessible through multiple devices. ServiceNow is available on a software-as-a-service basis, which makes it more competitive than traditional on-premise solutions, as everything from version updates, through operation, to hardware cost is the responsibility of the service provider and not the client.

ServiceNow, however, is more than an ITSM supporting cloud solution, as it is able to support the total process structure of a specific company by its modules, so it can be considered a comprehensive workflow solution, which is equally capable to support not only ITSM, but for example HR or finance processes, too. And new modules can be simply developed to supplement the already available ones. ServiceNow greatly supports the (self)service of individual needs: from the ServiceNow store, clients can download applications aimed at businesses that were developed by ServiceNow users along their own experience and needs. What is more, no in-depth programming skills are needed to create a SNow module, as it has an easy-to-configure, user-friendly graphical user interface. Due to its customizability, it can be adapted to any business image requirements.

The commitment of our company is well demonstrated by the fact that T-Systems Hungary decided this year to introduce the ServiceNow service support system for its own purposes, too. By that, the company uses ServiceNow to directly support its own working processes when implementing complex, systems operations projects for large enterprises.