Information technology is a take-off point also in the agriculture

The conference PreGa –Precision economy and digital trends in agriculture –was organised for the first time in Kecskemét for a “sold-out”house.

Information technology is a take-off point also in the agriculturePresentations addressed two main topics: the precision agricultural techniques and the situation of the agricultural information technology. Representing T-Systems Hungary, Tibor Verebély presented the opportunities of agricultural application of system integration and modern information technology solutions (cloud, Saas, Big Data) in the agricultural information technology. He pointed out that in the 21st century the use of information technology can be a take-off point for the agriculture, too. T-Systems Hungary considers this field as an area of key importance, so it started to develop a number of unique and marketable solutions that may support the farmers and the agricultural work processes. In the future, all these programmes may contribute to the improvement of competitiveness and efficiency of the Hungarian agriculture.

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