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T-Systems Hungary, Hungary’s market leader info-communication (ICT) company, offers complex and customized IT services to Hungarian companies in the field of cloud services.The cloud is an umbrella term in the world of IT.It means that users who wish to build or develop their IT systems - without costly investment - can purchase the necessary hardware resources and software tools, applications remotely (from the cloud).

Into the cloud - without investmentT-Systems Hungary – Magyar Telekom’s subsidiary – was among the first Hungarian companies that built the commercial-technical basis for offering cloud services. With the use of the service customers do not have to purchase their own physical servers and data center infrastructure. It is all available in the T-Systems Cloud & Data Center - and the state of the art IT environment is just a few clicks away!

The business model of T-Systems Hungary’s cloud services is a key issue. The company offers solutions - that generally had to be purchased and operated within the customer's own IT systems - as a monthly fee based service. T-Systems provides access to, update and uninterrupted operation of the network services with its own infrastructure. At the same time the service provider offers full range cloud-based solutions - from the implementation of the entire IT environment through computer-based communication up to complex business applications. It is a great advantage that the company provides the fixed line / mobile communication basic infrastructure, the exchange systems, communication software and hardware tools from the same source. Owing to this the use of the services is simple and the new solution becomes part of the corporate IT culture very quickly.

This is already a day-to-day practice for several hundreds of corporate clients of T-Systems Hungary and in order to know more about the users’ needs and requirements a public union survey has been launched recently where more than 400 big-, and medium-sized enterprises have been contacted. The respondents referred to the high reliability of cloud-based applications and the saving of investment costs as the biggest upside of the solution. It is also a great advantage that the operator continuously updates the technology in the background. Gábor Szabó, leader of the T-Systems managed services competence center emphasized - “the key issue here is that the world of IT changes very rapidly and not all users can keep pace with these changes as they sometimes reach beyond their financial capacities”.

The T-Systems survey also shows certain reservations against cloud services. Reservations about cloud services are mainly due to a perceived exposure to a third party: people are concerned about being dependent on an external service provider, about issues with the management of their data and are afraid that the service would be unstable due to internet connection problems. T-Systems Hungary’s management strongly emphasized that they do have answers to these reservations. They pointed out that companies embarking upon digital transformation find it hard to identify with inherent features of cloud services, like being able to use software for a monthly fee. It may also have a dissuasive effect that potential customers do not see sufficient expert support for cloud services although - as Gábor Szabó emphasized - one of the greatest strengths of T-Systems Hungary lies in the expertise of it engineers. The manager trusts that the service portfolio convinces all hesitants as the T-Systems Cloud & Data Center is the biggest and most secure data center in Central-Eastern Europe.

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