MOL Bubi bicycles can be rented with smart phones

The MOL Bubi application for the public bicycle rent system is available for smart phones and tablets from December 18, 2014.The MOL Bubi system as well as the application were developed in a consortium by T-Systems Hungary and Csepel Zrt.

okoskeszuleken_keresztul_is_kolcsonozhetok_a_mol_bubi_kerekparok_252x142The application allows the use of all functions of the public bicycle system starting from registration and renting through bank card payment to the display of the location of MOL Bubi docking stations. Renting is lightning fast and simple with QR code readers: you only have to tap the icon in the right lower corner of the MOL Bubi application, read the bicycle’s code and you can ride your bike right away.

The MOL Bubi application is not only user-friendly but it also has all features that makes its use comfortable for bikers. Such features are, for example, the online refill option or that one may buy four various types of tickets within the same transaction. One may find the location of MOL Bubi stations with a single click on the Budapest map in the application, one may also change the PIN code and may request the issue of a VAT invoice if the relevant company can enter the cost into its books. Users may quickly and easily report problems in the application interface and significantly shorten maintenance time. One may communicate with the MOL Bubi application, buy tickets and rent bicycles with smart phones not only in the Hungarian but also in the English and the German language.

The system was developed in a consortium by T-Systems Hungary and Csepel Zrt. Within the frame of the project a total of 76 docking stations and 1100 bicycles are available in Budapest. Based on the service contract the consortium project company, Közbringa Kft., operates the system for five more years.

For more details on the MOL Bubi application and the use of the public bicycles please visit the website.

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