MOL Bubi docking stations are safe

As a member of the consortium in charge of the MOL Bubi public bicycle system, T-Systems Hungary explicitly rejects the mistaken statements that have been published in the social media and in the press but have no professional basis, namely that the bank card readers placed at MOL Bubi docking stations jeopardise the users card data. In the course of project implementation, T-Systems Hungary created MOL Bubi’s secure system for the protection of user data, taking full account of the relevant professional standards and in accordance with the requirements determined by the client, Budapest Transport Centre.

MOL Bubi docking stations are absolutely safeIn contrast to these unfounded and unprofessional rumours, the MOL Bubi docking stations are free of any fault that would affect borrowing by bank cards and pose a threat to sensitive data. The POS terminals installed at the docking stations (VeriFone Artema Modular) have been on the market for nearly ten years and more than a hundred thousand have been sold of them all over the world. They meet all requirements set by the international bank card associations and bank security expectations, and based on the available information, these devices have never been abused. In the past 5 to 6 years, nearly 500 Artema Modular POS were commissioned in Hungary, and no fraud or attempt at a fraud has been reported in relation to this type of terminals. The name of the manufacturer of the terminals is visible on the cover, there is no need to open the device to reveal it. Even if someone would have access to such a device, once it is dismantled, the detectors ban certain functions, and part of the codes are automatically deleted in order to prevent any abuse. The device has a PCI PED, and an EMV level 1 and Level 2 quality assurance as well as the required Visa, MasterCard and OTP Bank certifications, which ensure the secure management of the bank card data used for the individual transactions.

Naturally, the TCP/IP connection sent to the bank is encrypted (SSL), moreover, by asymmetric Ids, and consequently, the device encrypts the message, which can only be unpacked with the help of the codes stored by the bank’s servers. Should anyone take out a unit from the POS, the entire apparatus is banned, and no bank card transactions may be performed with it any longer.

Based on these it may be said that in contrast to the rumours spread on Facebook and in the press, borrowing by bank cards are completely secure in the MOL Bubi system. T-Systems Hungary is convinced that the best response to such allegations will be given by the new community transport method, MOL Bubi itself. Its public test run is under way at the moment, and based on the feedback so far, the overwhelming majority of the test participants are satisfied.


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