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Office in the skiesCloud services may create an IT environment for any company that used to be available only for big corporations.Cloud-based office applications enable the sales staff of even small enterprises to access the necessary documents anywhere, any time.

The vast majority of the offices in the developed world use the Microsoft Office program package. The Word processor, the Excel spreadsheet manager or the PowerPoint presentation creator programs are now basic cornerstones of digital literacy. However, the opportunities within the package can only be fully utilized by companies that use the programs within the Office 365 package - that is available among the services of T-Systems Hungary Plc.

The difference between Office 365 and Office is that one  subscribes to be former instead of purchasing and installing the programs forever on company machines. In return of the subscription fee the capabilities of Office can be utilized not only in office computers but anywhere where employees may need it. The staff may access the same documents, spreadsheets, presentations that were created back in the office only a couple of hours before on tablets or smart phones alike and it does not only make easier to work remotely but also the lives of e.g. traveling sales agents too. Cloud-based Office opens a new era in community work.

Work groups may store jointly used documents in a common web storage space and when working with clients may share their big or confidential files from a single online source. HD quality video-conferences may help companies to organize effective virtual meetings.

None of these services reduce the level of security. Through automated updates all devices run the latest program versions. The company's management may control the service from a web-based monitoring center where managers can enter or delete users within seconds, manage electronic correspondence rules, set access rules or may remove company data from lost telephones.

Office 365 is naturally only one of T-Systems Hungary’s cloud based applications. They offer various other softer solutions in the monthly lump some package that companies were to purchase or develop at their own cost before. For example instantDoc is a user-friendly and flexible document management solution that supports the effective administration and search of documents. The instantSales is a professional customer relations management system in the cloud: it simultaneously helps the marketing and sales activities.

The instantSecurity is the security solution that protects the company's website from overload attacks and the confidential data from attempted external breaches and unauthorized internal access. It is not by chance that all T-Systems Hungary applications were given the “instant” prefix: the company puts a strong emphasis that the implementation of cloud based services should not entail time and energy consuming, lengthy implementation procedures.

Source: Heti Válasz

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