Paperless: This year, the census will already be fully digital

Assigned by the Central Statistical Office (KSH), T-Systems Hungary will provide information technology support for the little census due this year.

PaperlessLittle census is carried out by KSH in the middle of the 10-year term of the national census in order to update the changes during the past five years covering half a million households.  The respondents will not only fill questionnaires regarding accommodation and personal situation, but will also take part in supplementary data collection for e.g. their health condition or welfare situation. This year, the entire survey will be conducted electronically, the self-completing interface will be available on the internet and the interviewers will use tablets or laptops. In addition to full-scale development of census, monitoring, encoding, expert correction and questionnaire editing modules, T-Systems Hungary will also supply the hardware infrastructure representing the background for the system. Similarly to the 2011 census, the security of data and systems, as well as continuous load bearing capacity will play a key role in the course of the development. In addition to the little census, T-Systems Hungary will provide information technology background for two additional statistical surveys also covering half a million households. These surveys about economic structure and agriculture will cover the planted crops, livestock and the composition of employees working in the agriculture. As of 2017 further gradual digitization of the future surveys is expected on the basis of the implemented complex solution.

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