Self-service postal check payment machines are in sight

From February this year postal checks can be paid at 20 locations with the use of self-service terminals - supplied by T-Systems Hungary.

Self-service postal check payment machineIn Budapest the terminals are primarily installed in shopping malls (for example in Mammut, Sugár, Corvin) whereas in the countryside in hypermarkets. The service hours of the machines are adjusted to the opening hours of the shops therefore postal checks can be paid at night, after the closing of post offices.
With the use of the terminals transactions can be effected quickly and without queuing. Checks can be paid with bank cards without any surcharge, as normal bank card transactions. The terminals will only accept checks that are automatically filled in by the post and contain all necessary information (name, address of the payer, amount, etc.), printed with or without QR code, but later all types of checks will be accepted.

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