Service Desk
  • Do I need to do anything about the cutover?
    No, the cutover will be executed through data migration from our current system.
  • How will my business benefit from the ServiceDesk system cutover?
    • More efficient service
    • Faster incoming email processing
    • Portal functions: ticket registration, tracking, request management, language selection options
      • Customers who have had these functions before will continue do so
      • Customers with no such functions may request them later
  • What will be the cons of the ServiceDesk system cutover to my business?
    As long as you have open tickets in our old ServiceDesk system you will receive reports from two systems.
    As long as both systems contain open tickets about your business/contracts, notification emails received from two different systems will be different.
  • Who can I contact with cutover issues?
    With possible issues please, contact Our colleagues are at your disposal to answer any of your questions.
  • I had open tickets during the cutover. Which report will contain them? The open tickets in the former ServiceDesk system will not be migrated but will be handled in the former system until they are closed.
     - Following the cutover, new tickets will be registered in the new system.
    -  Will the SLAs change?
    -  No, we will continue to meet the SLAs set in our contracts.
  • Can I request higher SLAs than the current ones?
    Yes, you can request higher level service by contacting your Account Manager or your regular contact person.
  • Will I be able to submit my claim in the customer portal?
    Yes, you will. We will be able to provide you this function following your request filed in the new ServiceDesk system. You will be notified about the date of availability in an email.
  • Can I request customised reports?
    We will continue to provide the content in the reports as set in our contract. Certain formal differences may occur, though.
    For customised reports, please feel free to contact your service manager.
  • Can I receive information in the new system about my posted tickets? Yes, you can. As usual, please contact the ServiceDesk and refer to the ticket number when requesting information about your tickets registered in the old or the new system.
    If you already have access to the portal, you can track your tickets online.
  • Can I receive status updates about my tickets?
    Yes, we have added this function to the former customer notifications.
  • I have portal access now. How can I use this function in the future?
    If you now have portal function, you will receive the necessary access information in a separate email.

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