Simpler online purchase of tickets and passes for VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt.’s services

New convenience services have been added to T-Systems Hungary’s online ticket and pass system previously developed for VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt.In a new structure and form, the online sales sites make online ticket purchase considerably simpler for passengers.T-Systems Hungary performed the developments as a subcontractor to EMKISZ, the First Hungarian Transport Information Technological Service Provider.

Simpler online purchase of tickets and passes for VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt.’s servicesThe system developed by T-Systems Hungary for VOLÁNBUSZ has been operative since 2006, and in 2009 it was extended to allow the international online pre-purchase of local and intercity tickets and passes aligned with the current timetable of services. In adjustment to the varying consumer requirements, several new services have been added to the system recently.

In the framework of the development, both the domestic and the international online ticket sales sites were refashioned in a user-friendly manner, with formats optimised to mobile devices in order to further increase the convenience and simplicity of their use. Moreover, in the event of domestic services, the purchased ticket is no longer required to be printed, passengers only need to show them on a mobile phone or a tablet. Soon after launching, several partner companies jointed VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt.’s new system, including Bakony Volán Zrt., a Somló Volán Zrt. and Zala Volán Zrt.

Electronic billing, which was available in the international service, has been extended to domestic services, thus on the basis of the data specified during purchase, passengers are automatically provided an electronic invoice issued of full-price tickets, so there is no need to visit the company’s ticket offices in person.

As an additional novelty, the complete site for the sale of tickets and passes for services in Hungary has become available in English for foreign passengers.

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