Small and medium-sized enterprises are much interested in cloud services

The main reasons medium and large enterprises find cloud services attractive are cost reduction and development with no investment required, while there are still many unfounded concerns about potential disadvantages attributed to cloud platforms.
Research confirms that the majority of businesses is familiar with the notion of cloud services - said Géza Ragoncsa, T-Systems Hungary’s Chief Officer responsible for info-communication solutions. Approximately 50 percent of small and medium enterprises are interested in it, 20 percent find it attractive and almost 50 percent, albeit knowing the solution, do not find it attractive. Potential buyers are mainly small and medium enterprises while big corporations - where cloud computing is evident already - rather focus on their cloud strategy and planning - as the Chief Officer summarized their experience.

Géza RagoncsaReservations about cloud services are mainly due to a perceived exposure to a third party: people are concerned about being dependent on an external service provider, about issues with the management of their data and are afraid that the service would be unstable due to internet connection problems.

A total of 66% of the companies surveyed consider the issues of confidential data management the greatest concern. „I am convinced that we have satisfactory answers to any reservations held about cloud services,” says T-Systems Hungary’s Chief Officer, Géza Ragoncsa, commenting on the survey findings. He added „companies embarking upon digital transformation find it hard to identify with inherent features of cloud services, like being able to use software for a monthly fee and without actually having to buy the software. Another concern of theirs may be that they often do not see professional support provided along with cloud services, which is definitely part of the package in case of cloud providers like T-Systems Hungary - with its two and a half years of experience as the company and its predecessors have been working on cloud solutions since the emerge of the trend.

T-Systems Hungary has a solution for all service layers: from data center services through complex infrastructure services up to business solutions - added Géza Ragoncsa.

A total of 45% of the companies surveyed considers higher reliability and availability of applications as the most beneficial features of cloud services. Based on the opinion of 40% of responders, the second most beneficial feature is that customers of cloud services can save a lot on their investment budgets. The third feature is related to the previous one, namely that one-third of the respondents think that it is an important advantage of cloud services that they are built on a constantly up-to-date and well maintained technological platform guaranteed by the service provider.

ICT technologies are rapidly evolving, and not all companies can or want to keep pace with latest developments that often require significant IT expenditure. The good news for them is that the most sophisticated solutions can be provided to them without any need for investment on their behalf, always customized to their specific demand and in flexible schemes, which guarantees growing medium enterprises to use an ICT background and always up-to-date infrastructure not unlike those used by large enterprises,” pointed out Géza Ragoncsa.„Drawing on its extensive portfolio, T-Systems Hungary offers a comprehensive scope of services to medium and large enterprises, including underlying infrastructure services, communication and collaboration solutions, different horizontal, industrial and business applications. We can provide end-to-end services from the customer’s client equipment to the service provision center, and assume overall responsibility for all components of such services,” added Géza Ragoncsa. „Being a cloud integrator, T-Systems Hungary cooperates with the largest international manufacturers to thus provide state-of-the-art cloud solutions to its customers. It makes customers’ lives easier, as they have to contract only one provider, with whom they can agree upon coordinated and comprehensive SLAs and unified billing for services along with the professional support they deem necessary,” says Géza Ragoncsa. „The main pillar of our cloud services is the T-Systems Cloud & Data Center, which is the largest and one of the most secure data centers of Central-Eastern Europe,” the Chief Officer added.

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T-Systems Hungary conducted a questionnaire-based survey covering approximately 400 companies in 2014, addressing primarily their views on managed and cloud services. The target group was medium and large enterprises of Hungary where 10-150 employees use the company’s IT infrastructure on a daily basis.

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