Smartphones for the autistic: Story tablet and application for autistic people from Telekom

  • In the honor of World Day of Autism, for every tale tablet purchased, Telekom donates a second one to an autistic child.
  • A game application developed for autistic people is available on the Story tablet for the first time.
  • We have the winning child’ drawing that will be used as illustration for the tale about autistic people written by János Lackfi.

Bándi Emese 250x140Today one of every 68 people in Hungary is autistic. Autism is a development disorder of the basic brain functions, which is congenital and lasts for the entire lifetime. This syndrome makes social relations significantly more difficult to maintain, and also causes significant communication problems, as well. On the other hand, certain opportunities provided by today’s technology may help communication, improve social skills and abilities. Special applications installed on smart devices may help autistic people to improve their communication with the outside world, to better express their feelings, thoughts and rich inner world.

In the honor of World Day of Autism, for every tale Story tablet purchased, Telekom donates a second one - while stocks last - of the same type to an autistic resident of one of the homes operated by the Autistic Art Foundation. the Story tablet is a Huaweitablet (HuaweiMediaPadT1), which includes a free 6-month access to the BOOKR Kids Application, which is the first library application with interactive storybooks running on smart phones and tablets explicitly developed for Hungarian children.   Thanks to the developers of BOOKR Kids and experts of Autistic Art, two game applications specifically developed for autistic people have become available via this application since the beginning of April. One of the applications helps in improving memory and motor skills, whereas the other is a story - read by actress Dorka Gryllus, good-service ambassador of the Autistic Art Foundation - providing help in identifying emotions.

This year, the BOOKR Kids Story Store Application is upgraded not only with an application for autistic children, but also a story is planned to be released in the cooperation of Telekom, the Autistic Art Foundation, the BOOKR Kids and the Sustainability Media Club, which shows to the children, how an autistic child can be different from them, and how they can understand and help each other in the everyday life. Telekom asked József Attila Prize winner Hungarian poet and writer János Lackfi, to write the story. On March 1st 2017, an illustration competition was announced to children between the age of 8 and 12 to draw the two protagonists of the story. A lot of nice and exciting entries were submitted, from which the jury selected Playground Adventures, a work by Emese Bándi, whose prize is a Telekom Huawei Story Tablet, plus her drawing will be added to the story helping to understand each other. Third character of the story, an autistic boy will be created by graphic artists from the drawings of autistic young pursuing art within the frame of the art program of the Autistic Art Foundation.

Donation of the smart device, publication of the educational story and the related drawing competition is part of the strategic partnership agreement entered into by Telekom and the Autistic Art Foundation in March 2016. Sustainability is important for the company, so they dedicate particular attention to handicapped people and to deepening the responsibility related to them. In the course of the cooperation with the Autistic Art Foundation, the objective of Telekom is to disseminate knowledge about autism as a social problem, and to use its own resources to help autistic people to communicate with others more easily, thus reducing the distance between them and their coevals.

hello holnap! fleet - Unique tariff package for handicapped people

Telekom helps handicapped people, including those living with autism with its unique so-called hello holnap! fleet tariff package. This package can be used by the members of the following 4 organizations, provided that they have valid membership cards: National Autistic Society (AOSZ), Hungarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability (ÉFOÉSZ), Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (MVGYOSZ) and National Federation of Disabled Persons’ Associations (MEOSZ). A member is entitled to acquire 3 discount packages in his/her own name, so they can add to the fleet their relatives, friends and helpers. In addition to the members of the four organizations, the discount package is also available to the assisting organizations and foundations related to and cooperating with them.

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