T-Systems Hungary supports innovative city development ideas

Design Terminal offers the opportunity to implement innovative city development ideas through the recently launched Smart City Lab Budapest Application for Funds. T-Systems Hungary is the main sponsor of the initiative.

T-Systems Hungary supports innovative city development ideasThis year the subject matter of the application is personal city experience and the residents’ sense of responsibility for their environment. The organizers expect applications that improve the quality of life in the cities and connect our built environment with the systems operating therein - including digital city solutions.
Design Terminal deems it of key importance to involve bottom-up city design initiatives as well as the ideas of non-profit and profit oriented organizations in the process.As T-Systems Hungary excels in the support of  innovative digital city solutions the company joined the initiative as the main sponsor of Smart City Lab Budapest.The submission deadline of applications is March 31, 2015 and the winners will be presented to the public during the Y2015 Design Week in Budapest.

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T-Systems Hungary

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