T-Systems Hungary to Operate IT for the ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Company Group

Based on an agreement concluded with RWE IT Magyarország, as from 1 October 2014, T-Systems Hungary has been operating the complete IT infrastructure of the ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group. Under the contract signed for four years, T-Systems Hungary performs server, network and desktop operation and also attends to the closely related support duties.

T-SystemsIn the framework of the complex operating contract that covers the complete information technology of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ, T-Systems Hungary provides managed and private cloud-based services for a monthly fee, which can be changed according to the customer’s requirements at any time.  T-Systems Hungary fared well at the tender invited by RWE IT (the unit responsible for the IT of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ) not merely because as an integrated service provider it can meet all the requirements by the appropriate services from a single hand, but also because it satisfied the customers’ high expectations related to operation in terms of operational safety and additional services.

During the programme organised to present the details of agreement concluded for the next four years, Dr. Marie-Theres Thiell, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group pointed out: “In order to serve our more than two million customers on the highest possible level and to ensure an optimal and safe infrastructure for daily operation, we must have a perfectly and efficiently managed IT-infrastructure.” She also added: “I am convinced that with T-Systems Hungary we have found the perfect partner who will improve the quality of service management and with whom we can achieve optimisations of our ongoing costs.”

CEO of T-Systems Hungary Tibor Rékasi added: “The operating agreement signed with RWE IT is a good example of the potentials inherent in the difference between the various IT operators, as on their basis the customer may re-define its requirements for its previous or, if that is the case, new service provider.”  The CEO added: “Thanks to the server infrastructure placed in the private cloud, ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ can expect to have a flexible and secure IT system tailored to its peculiar requirements for the purposes of daily work.” T-Systems Hungary will provide the private cloud-based infrastructure to the end-user power supplier company from its highly secure Budapest Data Centre, which is a guarantee of sustainable operation in financial as well as environmental terms.

The agreement for full-scale IT operation, which entered into force on 1 October 2014, fits into the international strategy underlying the 5-country strategic cooperation agreement that was concluded between the RWE Group and T-Systems International primarily for desktop operating tasks.


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