Technology for our sustainable future - T-Systems Hungary Symposium 2016

  • The T-Systems Symposium, the largest, one day event of the ICT sector is organized for the fifth time
  • Future mobile infrastructure is built on 5G: preparation started for the IoT era on the technology side
  • Change of era in technology, which Hungarian companies also have to start preparing for in time
  • Smart city: T-Systems invites the young winners of the Okosp@d brainstorming competition for common thinking

T-Systems Hungary Symposium 2016 Today T-Systems Hungary organized the Symposium, one of the largest conferences of the Hungarian infocommunication sector, already for the fifth time. Budapest Congress Center – hosting the event – received almost 2,000 invited visitors, who were given an insight into the most important trends and achievements of the industry at plenary presentations, eight thematic sections as well as the innovative exhibition called JövőTér.

Presenters of the morning session of the Symposium included Cseresnyés Péter, state secretary responsible for the labor market, Deutsch Tamás, prime minister commissioner responsible for the Digital Welfare Program, Bernd Storck, federal captain of the Hungarian national football team, as well as Neil Jacobstein, head of the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics at Singularity University.

During the morning plenary session chief executive officer of Magyar Telekom, Christopher Mattheisen said: Digital transformation means no threat but primarily a possibility for Hungary, and it is only up to us to capitalize on this forced evolution. This requires the development of digital skills and education, as well as establishing the technical conditions. He added: Hungary can only benefit from the digital transformation by taking actions to eliminate the digital shortage of labor force and by giving way to the most recent innovations. While we introduce the 4G service – currently having an almost 98% outdoor coverage – also in the smallest settlements, the future infrastructure will already be built on 5G and in addition to building the superbly fast fix line infrastructure the objective of Magyar Telekom is to take the lead also in the field of 5G developments. Establishing the test environment creates the foundations of an emerging 5G strategy.Christopher Mattheisen highlighted: assuming that according to the forecasts (Ericsson Mobility Report) by 2022 there will be 29 billion networked devices – including 18 billion networked with the internet of things (IoT) – transmission speeds and increasing bandwidth delivered by 5G becomes an inevitable precondition.

Rékasi TiborRékasi Tibor, general manager of T-Systems Hungary said in his presentation: although digital transformation is primarily IT driven, not only does it effect IT issues, moreover infocommunication is one of the most important tools within sustainable business development. Technologies contributing to the change of the era, in other words disruption itself transforms complete industries. Referring to one of the Citi GPS studies Rékasi Tibor said, that from the fourth year of the emergence of digital service providers disruption accelerates and within ten years traditional industry players may face an average of 44% market share loss, unless they take timely actions to transform their processes. T-Systems is the partner of Hungarian companies in this transformation process, enabling them to operate more efficiently and in higher quality. This requires – both technological and business – solutions that provide integrated answers to emerging challenges.

The results of the T-Systems Okosp@d (Sm@rtBench) brainstorming competition was also announced at the event. Kaszás Zoltán, deputy general manager of T-Systems Hungary welcomed the winner, Horváth Dániel Bendegúz, student at the Budapest Technical University. T-Systems also announced that the company invites the candidates for continuing their common thinking, in order to involve young people in developing further user-friendly and loveable smart city solutions.

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